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  1. We were pointing out your comparison of the term "Black Girl Magic" to "White Girl Power" and hoping that is not what you really meant. Your reply back to my post is about "White Girl Magic". I am not sure where you are going with the division by favoritism, what your family make-up has to do with anything, or the shame finger. Very confusing. Your posts including statements about playing the race card shows ignorance. Ignorance means to have a lack of knowledge, information or awareness about something in particular. And yes, please go ahead and make suggestions, we are all very interested in what you have to say.
  2. Ahh! That makes sense. You are probably right. Thanks for sharing the backstory. I stopped watching this show for a while as I was so disappointed in the game play.
  3. I am loving Tyler. I am rooting for him to go very far in this game. I HAVE NO CLUE WHY HE WOULD put hisself up on the block!!! Bru, don't risk your game play. Scary!!! However, I do admire why he did it and it speaks volume towards his character.
  4. Not sure what you are saying here. I agree with CrazyBBFan. I am hoping you are not comparing Black girl magic to White girl power. Black girl magic - googled it and it means to celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of Black women. White girl power - very close to White Power. Now it makes since with your posts and why you want Bay and Day voted out. You are upset that they used those words to lift each other up. When a minority race uses the negativity given by others of their skin color to lift them up is not the same as a majority race in power using their skin color to lift their race up. And Yes, if the house guest would go around saying White Girl Power, or White Power, I feel the majority of the viewers would have a problem with that saying. It is disappointing that you, who have been posting on this forum for a long time, does not get it.
  5. I hope this is not true from the live feeds, "Christmas says Baleigh got to comfortable, sassy and entitled the last few weeks and that has consequences." If so, it really is disturbing.
  6. I thought it was me Totally agree, I wish she gets voted off soon but I can not see how that is going to happen. Fingers crossed. I hate the backstabbing especially towards the women in the house.
  7. Dani in the live feeds is turning out to be a horrible person. She is such a liar and backstabber. I especially hate how she is going after Bay and Day. Again how are they a threat to her game.
  8. Agreed and Bayleigh was done very very wrong on that show and Kaycee was completely wrong. She was definitely caught as being a liar and backstabber

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