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  1. Cody needs to start thinking who wants to take to the end and win. If he takes Tyler, he could win. Anybody else, he will lose. I predicated they would take out Xmas after Nic. But Xmas is such an a$$, he could win with her beside him.
  2. Interesting concept. That would be crazy if that is true.
  3. OK, so my order is correct so far. Next on the block will be Nic and Christmas. This season is so predictable and worse season EVER!!!!! Only the thing that can change is if Nic wins POV and then HOH. But I do not see that happening anytime soon.
  4. This season no one had a chance outside of the Committee. They played it smart to get out Janelle first. She would have been the only one that could have rounded up the troops to eliminate the committee. Now the season is boring, disappointing, and racial ignorance galore. I was rooting for Da'vonne and hate to see her go. I just hope if they do another all-star, they figure out how to stop the pre-alliance. Survivor does it all the time why can BB not figure out how bad the production of this show has been. So bad CBS has to step in fix all of their mistakes.
  5. If she said that she definitely deserves to go home.
  6. I do not know if Dani has the numbers to make it to the end and go against Cody, Tyler, Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo. She should have kept Ian. After they get rid of Day, Kevin, and David. I see the pick off as Dani, Nic, Christmas, Enzo, and Memphis; in that order. Dani and Nic need four or five people outside of the Committee alliance. This season is so disappointing thus far and no one is making any moves just playing it safe.
  7. I would not be surprised if he puts up the two black people on the block. He is going to have to put two people of color up since they are outside of the Committee. BB is going to look bad after this Memphis thing especially since his alliance formed before this season began. Even worse is this alliance is an all white cast. I do not care that a person of color does not win. I just hate that they did not have a chance to win.
  8. I know, Dani and Nicole would be in power and with the six, they could kick off the jerks in power. They do not realize out of the Commission group, those two are at the bottom. Sloppy game play.
  9. How he treats David and the other things he has said about other people of color. Yeah he said it. I have watched it several times myself just to be sure and he said it. Twitter is going crazy with this.
  10. Christmas is still trying to justify why she put up Day and Bay. She is such a liar. But mostly, I can not believe she said she wanted to hit Day in the face. Wow!!!
  11. Happy Dance!!! She used it and now we have some game play. But for how long. The outside people need to get Dani and Nicole in their alliance. Nicole is already on the fence. If Tyler does not go home, it really does not change anything unless one of the four (David, Kevin, Ian, or Day) get HOH. They will have to put up people in power. I would love to see Tyler and jackhole Memphis be get on the block together.
  12. If Dani, does not use this opportunity to take Tyler out she is stupid. Tyler will be gunning for her. If he does not get voted out, I agree with Ian that he will be final two.
  13. I am hoping Day uses the veto but looks like she is damned if she does and damned if she does not. It sucks that her alliance with Dani is not strong. I guess it looks like the four are still going to be going out in the next 4 weeks.
  14. OMG!!! Can someone outside "The Committee" please win!!! They are making this game so painfully boring. We all know which four are going up next.
  15. I hope Kevin can makes some moves this week, if not Kevin, David, and Ian are all on the chopping block in the next 3 weeks.
  16. AMEN!! You are so right and on point with how I feel.
  17. I do not have CBS All Acccess that is why I love Morty's and the people that provide the information for me. This is the information I got is with a CBS All-Access subscription, the live feeds give an unedited look at the day-to-day activities of the houseguests in between episodes. This year, subscribers can watch the houseguests from every angle all at once with the multi-camera setup.
  18. I have a quick question, what was the meaning of Kaysar's FBI hat
  19. You guys was so right about Tyler and his strategy. It is disappointing as I thought he was a stand-up guy looking out for others.

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