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  1. I love Kaysar!!! He seems so genuine and he feels passionately about the state of our nation right now. I really hope he makes it far! He is definitely a threat. Hopefully, the conversations he is having will build strong bonds and keep him safe for a while!
  2. I absolutely love Tyler! I do think he will have a hard time this season because of the older/experienced cast. He is going ti have to find a new Sam. Fast.
  3. Makes sense. I do love her and Kaysar. They are amazing players. I hope to see them go far!
  4. I really love her. Now, what in the actual nose has she done to herself?!? That nose job is not a great one.
  5. I think she needs to be more confident. Talk more about how amazing she is going to play in the DR right before she loses and sucks at everything!!!! Same stuff from her.
  6. She is still annoying and whiney. Watching her, Kevin, Christmas, and Nicole talk is painful. Soooo surface level fakey fake. I cannot wait until she is GONE. Any minute she will explode again. Like last time.

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