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  1. Hi, A friend and I are looking for help to identify a show we both watched (independently) in the early 1980s. Here's what we can remember, collectively: We think it was black and white, but we are not 100% sure since it may have just been our TVs that were B&W We think we watched it somewhere between late 1980 and late 1981 It was on fairly late (10pm or later) We were in NJ (suburban NYC area) at the time We are not sure if it was a TV movie or an episode of an anthology series (for example like Alfred Hitchcock Presents or Night Gallery) Bits of plot we can vaguely recall: It involved a game of Russian Roulette being played at a mansion (like an English manor house) It turns out there is a guy hiding behind a curtain, shooting & killing the roulette players (so, presumably the Russian roulette gun has blanks). This would imply that the host (guy who owns the mansion) is behind this Towards the end, a guy runs across a lawn towards a fence or wall to escape the mansion, being chased by dogs Thanks in advance!
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