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  1. Thanks for the information. I am dismayed, but it is entertaining. Guess they want Jackson to win. How to I go to the forum that you referred me to in the earlier email? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Fuskie, I did watch this on demand, and yes I did notice the zipper closing, but by not showing Jackson finding Cliff's life ring makes me suspect. I would hope the show has integrity and is aboveboard! I did sleep well, thank you!
  3. Am I wrong but I did not see Jackson find Cliff's Veto by opening the bottom drawer in the bathroom. I am questioning the outcome of the competition. I don't remember Tommy putting his Veto in the zipper portion of round green bed. When Jessica was in there the camera circled a his Veto and it looked as though it was just under the mattress. Could production have switched it? I thought about this all night. I already erased my recording. Thanks every one.
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