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  1. Nicole claims she went with her gut all season until now. I call BS. She laid back as a complete floater. Yea she won an HOH and if Holly hadn't thrown this last HOH she wouldn't have won that either. She blamed her situation on Cliff, but is she there to win or what? I don't feel bad for her one iota. She got what she deserved. JACKSON deserves the win. It's all about OUTSMART, OUTPLAY, OULAST your houseguests..Jackson so far has done just that.
  2. LOVED IT!! Hate Tommy and do NOT feel sorry for that 'actor' one lousy bit. He 'showboated' his way in the house, like (upchuck) frankie. STILL can't stand that freak! He lied from the very beginning to everyone about his relationship with the mouth and ONLY came 'clean' when he was alone. Tommy DID make a deal with Nicole/Cliff he would throw the competition, Jackson didn't lie about that, Tommy DID connect with Jackson and make a deal with him as well to 'save' himself. No lie about that either.
  3. THIS HOH is ALWAYS an endurance comp. Has NOTHING to do with Holly.
  4. If it WASN'T for Cliff, Nicole would have been gone LOOOONG ago. She chose to sit back and let everyone else pull her to this point. I like her and was cheering for Cliff, but EVERYONE is out for the $500K. Jackson & Holly did get them to the final 4, deal done.
  5. Final Four was the deal so let the games begin now. Veto is the POWER. Veto winner will be the only vote.
  6. I would LOVE to see Cliff win! He was out twice and fought his way back in. Would LOVE to see the 'old guy' win it all!! Nice guy too.
  7. SO GLAD HE IS GONE!! Couldn't stand his attention seeking and screaming!!! UGH!
  8. I am GLAD that phoney little whiner is gone!! It's about time. If it wasn't for his 'buddy' he wouldn't have made it this far. HE was part of the big blowup accusing Holly & Kat knowing each other sll the while he KNEW Christy, and not by a chance meeting, but family events. So glad he's gone. Won't have to watch his crying hissy fits anymore!! Nicole is safe. It all comes down to winning the veto now as they will be the only vote.
  9. As much as I like Nicole, I admire Jackson's game play, good, bad, indifferent. I like Cliff and Holly too. The deal was final four. Let the real game begin!!
  10. And again, why is being a 'maga-lover' a bad thing?
  11. I have been watching since the beginning. IF you don't recall evil dick and his behavior, this is completely calm compared to that. Also people being evicted due to threats, and even some close fights, and blatantly disregarding BB rules (throwing microphone into the pool). Pretty sure Jackson hasn't come CLOSE to that. Still YOUR obsession with Jackson clearly teeters on having the same diagnosis. IT IS A GAME, or at the very least, a reality show that is there for ENTERTAINMENT. Good Grief!!
  12. You have no ability to diagnose someone you have never met. You are clearly obsessed over Jackson and too can be considered 'mentally ill'. If you don't like it, turn off the channel.
  13. Oh dear, why are you so obsessed? Is it really worth getting all worked up over something so trivial as this??
  14. Jackson has NOT been the only HG who's 'cheated' regarding the HN slop, etc. It's stupid now anyway. There has always been 'production interference' and it just depends on who you are cheering on to win. IT'S STILL A GAME. I could care less regarding the HN since it shouldn't be up to the HOH to pick. They should go back to the competitions for that. But to get all worked up over it is a waste of time. If you don't like it, don't watch.
  15. FINALLY!! Its bad enough to have to watch her chew her cud, but talking with that mouthful is enough to make me barf. Seriously needs to be sent to the jury house NOW
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