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  1. I'm so very disappointed in this season. I'm not one that usually jumps on a bandwagon of blame, but this season it seems to be the mission of the houseguests to eliminate the people that are not deemed to be, by a percentage of the public, as acceptable? The two African American houseguests, Ovi, who, I don't remember him discussing his ethnicity but he did discuss that he had been bullied as a younger man, and Jessica, a plus sized model, as well as a Latina. I know why they're currently targeting Nicole - the lies that Holly, Sis and Christie told Nick and Bella, but will they go after Christie and/or Tommy next because they are (I believe they both said that they were, but I could be mistaken) members of the LBTGQ community? And poor Cliff, being an older, plain man, he's on the list. If Big Brother is to be for young, exceptionally attractive but shallow people, why bother casting folks that they feel 'don't fit the bill' in the first place? Why put them through what society potentially puts them through on a daily basis, but intensify it by cooping them up with no way to escape the disappointment, the hurt and the isolation of being bullied or being shunned for being the person you are? Believe me, I'm no 'bleeding heart' but this season, with the Gr8ful alliance (of which, at least two will be expendable), it's painfully obvious that Big Brother just wants ratings, even if it's at the expense of someone's feelings or sanity. And why in the world would production allow a houseguest to remain in the house if they are blatantly being aggressive, verbally abusive or excessively hurtful to one or more of their housemates? I've watched every season of BB with the exception of the first one, and I have to say that I don't know if I can continue to watch this season. If it gets any worse, I most likely wont even tune in next season. Let's get real people back in the house and make it the experiment it was meant to be and not a 'hook up' opportunity for a bunch of entitled twenty-somethings. Please!

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