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  1. Cliff promised Jackson final FOUR not THREE. Wake up Cliff and vote Jackson out! Don't let him intimidate you!
  2. Are we allowed to discuss LGBTQ story lines? I don't find them at all realistic. Mariah and Tessa for example. Two of the most feminine, sexy and good looking women on the show. Are they really representing lesbians? A few kisses does not a lesbian make. Not in the world I live in. I live in a so-called tolerant community and a lot of LGBTQ people move here. For the most part the lesbians dress like men, have short hair and act like one of the boys. The gay men are usually very feminine. They aren't bisexual. Why not portray them as they are or not at all. Gay pride? I'm not seeing it. I know that everyone is not the same but I'd like to be able to recognize just what exactly a character is portraying. Just saying.
  3. I love reality tv. I need to know who people really are, when they are not being politically correct.
  4. She chews with her mouth open, talks with her mouth full, plays with her nose ring then chews on her finger nails. So so much to get disgusted with here.

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