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  1. #BB21 12:09 am BBT Nicole and Kemi are in the BY talking about Nicole going up on the block. Kemi tells Nicole that the veto is probably being used to put her on the block. Jessica and Kat are doing their talk show in the RV room. 12:15 am BBT Kemi brings up the battle for camp comeback and that the whole house seems to want David back into the house. Kemi and Nicole talk about the house not really talking to them and the house talking sh*t about other people in the house. 12:48 am BBT Kemi tells Nicole that Nick said that Bella isn’t even his girlfriend that she is just a sh
  2. #AGT14 The first audition of the night is Nick and Lindsey Williams. Nick is an opera singing and Lindsey is a violinist and they are married from New York. Simon gives them a buzzer then Lindsey begins to throw knives at a singing Nick. She then throws knives using her foot. Then she blindfolds herself and sets a knife on fire and throws it at a singing Nick. #AGT14 Howie says he’s never seen a knife thrower at can throw with her feet. Simon’s says it is a good idea to throw knives at bad singers. Simon gives them a no but the other three give them a yes. Simon asked Lindsey if she’l

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