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  1. 12:33 AM BBT Faysal is running around listening Bayleigh's Cardi B music and is repeatedly reprimanded by BB, he doesn't seem to care at all, as he just keeps on singing. 12:36 AM BBT Bayleigh pours everyone a glass of wine and they all share a drink together.
  2. 12:18 AM BBT Bayleigh invites everyone in to check out her HOHRoom. She showed everyone her HOH Basket which included some Cardi B music, a bottle of red wine, Vegan ice cream, Raisin Bran Crunch, sushi, some booty shorts, and some other stuff. She was especially happy about "Boom Chicka Pop" which is a type of kettle corn. She got a letter from her sister and read it aloud to the rest of the Houseguests.
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