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  1. I agree they literally handed it to the whiny a$$ puppet master, shoulda just given him the check too, or maybe they did
  2. I TOTALLY agree, I would like it to be one of three people the first being Kevin, #2 Cody, #3 Jessica. For the same reason as everyone else, to see the looks on their sheep faces (especially ms. I love chaos ) sheep face Alex and the cray-cray southern sheep sheven. Not crazy about shexmas, but only because she keeps blaming Jasheep, that he broke her leg, but didn't SHE climb on his back, there's no accountability in this group, always someone else's fault. These sheepole are all so narcissistic, with the exception being Kevin
  3. You know when Evil Dick was on I actually stopped watching that season of big brother because I felt that he disrespected women and I didn't care for it . That being said the one thing that you can respect Evil Dick for was you always knew where he was coming from , if he didn't like you he told you upfront he didn't go like these houseguests and gossip about everybody and the worst gossip is Paul. Paul and his minions( don't even want to insult the minions), I like to call them his sheep , with their leader P being the worst because he acts like a little bitch , should already just be handed a check and let everybody get back to their lives . The sad part about this and may I say that I would love for Kevin to win , is that even if he did he would get pressure from the people that he thinks are his friends and they would never let him put Paul up Alex maybe but not Paul. And the only reason Paul dislikes Cody and Jessica is because they saw through him almost immediately . There is so much outside influence for BB19, that quite honestly I believe this will be the last season that I watch . When I first started this show it was good because they let it play out on its own . Now they keep giving it to whatever vet they bring back . Sorry for my rant , but I dislike Paul as a human being, never mind the narcissist that he is. And the houseguests that are left are getting exactly what they deserve ,
  4. He looks a little like Christopher Walker Walkins Latest movie I seen him was Hair Spray with John Travolta
  5. Try YouTube, or Google all you have to do is describe in the serch
  6. I believe the reason , that you are not getting people for the live feeds is because these people are all boring and we're all tired of watching Paul the Pied Piper leading his flock of sheep . I think we all know the outcome to this , he should already just be handed a check and everybody can go home . Sorry just saying
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