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  1. She's hard to watch. My daughter has a nose piercing, if she played with it, it would be gone. The eye rubbing/picking, go wash your face! The obnoxious eating habits. The house has too many gross self pickers, Nick - gross. Kat - gross. Holly, I noticed split end picking. I get grossed out when people pick on themselves and when they pick at other people. Gross.
  2. I agree with your assessment on a response to Jack. He had no option with his response to the alien punishment. He could have been an ass, but who knows how that would have worked. It was the perfect punishment, an obnoxious inhuman alien character, having Jack be his b!tch.
  3. Why doesn't she have a home to go home to? What about her parents? Assuming they'll forgive her for embarrassing the family.
  4. Hope so, she deserves to be next if she uses it on anyone other than herself or perhaps Tommy.
  5. Why would Christi agree with that, she needs the power for herself, later.
  6. I want Bella gone, but if Nick and Bella are helpful in dismantling the 6, or at least Jack/Jackson 4, then so be it. These underdog folks need to stay on top.... get another HOH. None of them have any the powers.
  7. I don't read everything here, didn't see criticism of Christmas' appearance. She's cute and actually kind of wholesome, all girl next door regarding her face. And I agree, once you you're on public display by agreement of media / television by your own doing, one will be critiqued for everything.
  8. And... I know not everyone's 'natural' appearance is being commented on... It's the 'extras'.
  9. Chiclet teeth, Daffy Duck really? Where's the physical critique of Prince Paul? Why don't we rag on Josh's look? Most young guys would think Jess was a hot little item. But here she gets slammed for anything and everything. And I'm not a Jets fan. And those Chiclet teeth she might have come by them naturally. Everyone thinks I've had dental work done because I have perfect white Chiclet teeth. It's rude in before they were slamming on Elena for her chest, and then it turns out what I understand is she actually had a breast reduction. Damned if you do damned if you don't. All these ladies are v
  10. Yes, but these HG are young, every day is supposed to be fun. But... When one feels less than without the accessories it's not good. Remember, Jess would go without, on camera without her extras, so that was a good sign. It's fun stuff until it becomes a must.
  11. Yes, I couldn't get into that. I think it's their generation too. I'm older and don't like high maintenance. Hair extensions are all the rage. Most of these 'extras' aren't because these young ladies need anything. I totally agree about about focussing on health. Jessica probably has to glam it up because of her job. I tell my daughters that the add-ons are unnecessary 'crutches'.
  12. Well they're a bit much for everyday. If they're outlandish they look cartoon like or character like. But they obviously made her feel better about herself.
  13. I'm a woman and I don't understand the criticism. I'm from the Los Angeles area and of the women that I know, more women than not indulge in more than basic makeup, including myself. It just something negative to say to try to bring somebody down. Let's discuss the ink all over Paul's and Christmas' body isn't that some form of makeup or alteration to the body to make him/her, in their mind look better or feel better about the way they look? And that full rats nest that he grows on his face? No offense to beards in general. Live and Let Live is what I say. Haters going to hate, and the hate t
  14. Isn't Paul guaranteed first or second now that he won that HOH or that last comp? It's so busy I can't even watch a TV show all I can do is get my info here.
  15. I would think anyone who comes to this forum is looking for The Latest Scoop. I wouldn't feel bad about divulging who won HOH it really was a no-brainer to Guess that the king would win.
  16. I agree. Just like other shows, even the housewives on Bravo the hated Housewives brings ratings people love to have some get hate on. I just have enough annoyances going on in my real life, so to be irritated by a f***** on a TV show this is too much for me, lol. I hung in here hoping that somebody would give that little s*** the axe, but evidently that's not going to happen. What a bunch of tools this cast was, lol. I have a real chance of running into Alex in real life, and all I will do is give her a wink and a haha, and to quote Josh, I'll just say 'girl you played yourself'.
  17. My dream at this point too. It was how Kevin played his game. I have more respect for this gameplay than anyone else's bullying asinine manipulative ugly mean-spirited b*******.

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