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  1. If you are referring to me... Then call me out. I have been accused of many things in my life time, PC is NOT one of them. I call 'em like I see 'em. In your words, yes, unfortunately I am a diehard, just not in the way you want/seem to categorize. I have seen many on here try to put people on blast, with one or two "witty" quips because they did not like their opinions on one thing or another.
  2. Well said... and also, very sad. I saw a report a couple months ago that stated that our young ones can not spell the words "you are" instead they spell it ur, they (at a 12th grade level can not write in cursive) again, sad. Also, they, as I stated earlier, have no idea about how the real world actually works. Everything is a virtual game to them. Some people hold me in some sort of contempt because I do not give into the "I am owed" philosophy that seems to be the norm. We live in the land of plenty, if you are willing to work for it, and you work hard, you can achieve it! Your recognition of the youngsters not loving themselves is spot on. How can these children love themselves when told over and over that they are : fat, white, black, skinny, bald, dumb, ugly, not worth anything, etc... Love begins with with those around you who are willing to make a difference, i.e. their family, friends, teachers and fellowship. I wish I could have 1,000 families... OK, be careful what you wish for...right? I do have 13 kids plus my own that myself and my better half have raised... They are terrific! All they wanted was a chance! I always pray for Jesus to encompass those who need Him most, in his white light of love, safety, faith, protection, and health (spiritual, mental, physical and dental..just to check them all off).. I have never prayed for money. But God willing, IF HE sees fit, I will take myself to task and make sure that those who are most deserving and neediest, will receive His Grace. Charity begins at home, and I will start right here at home. There are so many kids in the US of A that need good homes and families that will love them unconditionally. Now, before I get in trouble... I guess I should say something about the show... Oh yeah, I detest bullies!
  3. Son, there are some of you young ones on here that really give me faith in the future... Then again, there are some that make me wonder... I could say SMH... I just learned what that means! I love you younger people that are willing to "school" an old person, like myself on the new acronyms on the web. I only know military ones... So, to those of you who have helped me... Thanks so much... You know who you are! I wish all people had the basic values that should be evident to all... 1. Treat people the way you wish to be treated. 2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. 3. Do unto others, what you would want done unto you. (basically, 1 & 2 combined) That said, I hope all of you get to live a life like I have. There have been ups and downs, peaks and valleys, good times and bad times. There has been feast, there has been famine. There was war, and there was peace. There was history, and then there is revisionist history (it's up to everyone to tell the difference..PLEASE do your own research!). But most of all, there has been LOVE. Love for our families, love for our brothers and sisters in arms, love for our neighbors, and most important, love for (and forgiveness for) our enemies. Maybe that is a little too much to ask of others, but I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior... And I will NEVER apologize for that. I wish you all the best....
  4. I was always told, "don't look at it"! Worked for us back in the day. My Mother (God rest her most beautiful soul) would tell us, if you look and you go blind... don't come crying to me! You must remember, corporal punishment was legal for all your teachers, principals, lunch ladies, etc. My mother would encourage them to whoop us... We didn't have a bus to take us to school, but if we did, they would have been told to whoop us also! I was the baby of 5, that my Mother raised on her own... We never knew we were poor, but I think we figured it out by high school! I guess Cody is going home tonight.... But I must admit, wouldn't complain if Elena's pouty little A$$ was sent packing....
  5. Sure hope so... Some feel honest and are "drying" off now. Only God knows what is coming down the road next. I think maybe "some" are confused in being lured into the continuation of everything and anyone that would/could possibly/truly/freely/ or in any other way, scare someone into their supporting or posting(s) being spread around.
  6. I am pretty much one the same page here... I think the fact that Raven eats anything and everything she wants is a testimony against her "disease". Since MaMa is not around, seems she is dong just fine with her "eating" malfunctions. Just an observation folks...
  7. Agreed. That said, Paul and Cody are the only 2 NOT willing to work together (sad really, they could set some fires up!) .. Maybe someone, at sometime will shake the house up... PLEASE!!!
  8. Believe you me... She will find a way to crush him no matter what. As long as she speaks in L*O*N*G drawn out sentences, is doesn't matter if it's this weekend, or 6 weekends from now. That long exaggerated "final breath" will be his down fall.
  9. I wish that also... Would love to see how Paul handles that one! He could barely get through Josh's last HOH, cut Josh wanted Elena out, which, of course, was against Paul's wishes. I hope Josh wins HOH and starts to blow one chit up!
  10. Did anyone else watch BBAD tonight? I am pretty darn sure Elena is going home after giving the HOH (Alex) that punishment. Could be wish granted!
  11. I know Elena's were near Jess's orifices in the Rose Room. To quote HeleneL... "EEEWWW!" (couldn't find a face that was hurling, so here it goes: *spew*vomit*puke*barf*, etc...
  12. OMG! You summed it all up in one sentence! Good for you! Gross, but you did good!!!
  13. Maybe you should ask Jessica... I think she put her finger on it, and maybe even in it.... he he he I know, I'm bad.
  14. I've typed this before, and I'll type it again... From your keyboard to His ears... I would love to see that trollop leave the house. She is more than plain old NASTY IMO.
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