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  1. Thank heavens, last nights elimination was the BEST EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I just wonder which reality show they will do next? Maybe they will make up their own as is seems like they love to be on TV. Enough already.
  3. The way she jumped at getting the bags out of the trunk of the cab when Rob told her too, priceless. I know its all in the editing, it just made me laugh.
  4. I bet we see them on Big Brother sometime in the near future.
  5. Oh why isnt their 15 minutes of fame over yet? Enough already.
  6. ElleNaturelle, excellent post. You are so correct.
  7. Will is great this year. He talked Janielle right into that nomination. What a master. And the phony phone call at the end with Boogie, priceless.
  8. Great POV and I loved the phony phone call at the end. Priceless.
  9. Cant believe people are actually answering this poll? LOL Cant believe people are actually answering this poll? LOL
  10. Should be Erika and Will. Erika screwed herself at the HOH competition.
  11. Could not believe Boogie was removed first. What the heck? I really hope Janielle puts Erika and Marcellas up, but she wont. Maybe Erika and Will cause he really needs to go. Also, I think Marcellas threw the final question so he wouldnt get HOH. Cant believe he didnt know that answer. What a wimp.
  12. There are way to many Janelle lovers in this site.
  13. yuck, now we have to watch Kaysar strut around for a week acting like he's a freaking god.
  14. If Ali isnt gone this week, I hope she wins HOH. That would make Janelle shake in her boots.
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