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  1. UIGH, I hate this part when there's no feeds....see you all for BBUS
  2. 840pm-Sounds like they taped Wed night's Best Of the Season/award show (not sure what you call it, help Morty) clips today, explains why feeds were down for much of day. Ika and Karen worried that they don't know their dates/days for events that may be asked at pov ceremony. Also, sounds like Karen/kevin are on the block.
  3. 300pm Dillion is aware that he is going home on Thursday. Kevins plan of Karen keeping Dillion has gone down in flames. Karen and Demetres talking in bedroom talking about making sure that Kevin goes home next week.
  4. Ika and Karen are in mourning....at 1146 Karen continues to cry for various reasons. Complaining about competitions not being age appropriate for her (sigh) Karen and Ika appear to be on a day long Kevin rant. Ika wants Karen to tell Dillion 'if Kevin is able to talke out Ika or DEm it guarantees that he will win in the Final two as it makes his resume flawless. They want Dillion to realize that if Kevin decides who goes=he has won.
  5. Forgive me if this is old-ish news to some of you feedsters, but early this morning in the kitchen Dem, Dillion, Ika, Karen and Jackie were comparing notes of some sort and came to the realization that Dre has been cross talking everyone, causing friction and trust issues amongst people. Dillion and Dem were particuarily upset and all agreed that they had lost all faith and trust that they once had in Dre. The words were something along the lines of "the trust I have in Dre is now negative 30' Karen seemed very upset. I was half asleep and turned on feeds sometime around 1 or 2 am, heard this and went back to bed. I wish I had a time stamp because it seemed like good stuff and would like to get the whole story.
  6. 744 Karen and will debating whether or not to vote Jackie out, neither wants her there any longer. Then talking about Ika...will doesn't know if dre would vote ika out (she said she would earlier) K and Will fear that Dem will go after them if they vote ika out, and they don't want to be the only 2 that voted her out. &&&(I may be wrong as I haven't been following feeds much, but it seems like most pple are having a difficult time figuring who to vote out. Flip flopping, having to get rid of pple that they may like etc etc) PLEASE fill us in if there are any definite votes out there....Obviously dem will vote Jackie...kevin said Jackie when talking to ika, but I am not sure where that stands. Heeeelp
  7. Sassy-Thank you very much for the run down, appreciate it very much!
  8. After veto around 130 am. Kevin went to side room saying that it was the best pov outcome possible, as Kevin wont get blood on his hands. Hoping Dem uses on self so that Ika will go out, and after 5 Dem wins he is seen as the biggest threat and will go out next week.
  9. 205 Dem and Ika have been moping by themselves all day, excluding themselves from The Others (Dil, Kev, Dre, Will, Jackie, karen). The others have just been trying to entertain themselves by telling stories (currently Kevin is telling Charlie and the Choc Factory....long story) no game talk. Everyone seems over game talk, as there is not much to discuss, no news.
  10. 125p Dem and Ika say to themselves that if they both get eliminated (which they see as a real possibility) they hope Kevin rolls through everyone to win bb
  11. 1-ish Karen and Ika talking about how they appreciate their Canadian citizenship . Kevin, dre dill, will in side rooms confirming that they are beginning to lose it....so bored and restless. Making forts, throwing pillows, kicking pillows, talking about pulling fire alarm...house is really getting to all of the, Stir crazy setting in. Their boredom is palatable.
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