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  1. Does anyone know if All Access will have the gathering in the backyard after the finale? They ask questions to the houseguests. I watched last year but don't know if they do it every year. If not, I'm cancelling the feeds. So boring watching the Jackson/Holly show.
  2. Poor Nicole will be all alone in the house for 6 days with the pompous watermelon chunks douchebag and the jealous, mean buzzard. I pray she stays strong and focused for the f3 comps. I'm sure Jackson and Holly will tell her about Cliff throwing her under the bus just before the comps begin to get her upset.
  3. I can't believe he still thinks Jackson will evict Holly. He looks really dumb making comments about Jackson and Holly having the HOH room to spend time together.
  4. Mean girl gets a coattail ride to the final 3. I can't watch her and Jackson play off their plan. They said Nicole and Cliff played dirty so they will too. Another example of how UNextraordinary she is and mean.
  5. I can't watch the feeds anymore. Jackson up on his high horse. His emotions went from crying and praying alone to celebrating with mean girl Holly to anger over Cliff and Nicole to bragging on his gameplay to everyone. I will not watch him play off his deceitful plan towards the gullible Cliff and worried Nicole. He relishes in lying.
  6. Nicole has been "Team Cliff and Nicole" no ifs, ands or buts. Cliff is "Team Cliff" period. I understand wanting to get to final 3 but he has thrown Nicole under the bus many times over the past week. So sad. He is not so smart after all. Thinking Jackson or Holly would evict each other and take him. He's heard Jackson say many times how he's only had Holly in his corner since day 44. How does he think or believe that either one of them would find him a better choice?
  7. I wasn't a fan of his but I wanted him to stay over Holly just to split up the last showmance and get Nicole and Cliff to f3. (I have since dropped Cliff from that equation) Since Jackson used a fake DR session (production) to better his game, could Tommy have gone into the DR to verify that Jackson was lying? I'm waiting to see how production spins the story. And to see how Tommy's acting skills are.
  8. He's another one who's so concerned about how he's being portrayed in the real world. Cried over what he did to Tommy. Yet he continues the lie in conversation with Nicole and Cliff. Says he feels bad lying to Cliff and Nicole about taking Cliff to f3. Yet keeps bringing up the topic with Cliff and then brags to Holly every time. He seems to enjoy deceiving people. Some may call that good gameplay. But if you brag that you are playing a loyal and honest game when you aren't, I don't respect that. It was good gameplay to attempt splitting up the last showmance, but Jackson took that as going back on their deal. They worked together after slip-n-slide, got out Sis, Nick, Jessica and Christy (Jackson's white whale). He let Christy stay a whole month on her deal. Nicole should have been able to do what was best for her game. Cliff screwed that up. I can't wait to see how production spins the lie. I can't look or listen to him anymore. Especially when he's shoveling watermelon chunks into his mouth.
  9. In her eviction speech she said she wants ordinary girls/women to know they can be extraordinary. In my opinion, Holly is neither one of these. Ordinary women do not take over an hour to spackle on makeup. Extraordinary women shouldn't be jealous of other women. They don't blame others for their own decisions and actions. Holly saying Nicole bullied her into throwing the HOH is pathetic. If Nicole made that deal in order to keep Holly over Tommy, that's NOT bullying, it's gameplay. How quickly Holly forgets that she was in the group that talked badly to and about Nicole. Has she admitted what Nicole told Nick and Bella was true? Has she admitted that she lied to Nick and Bella to protect her game. Has she apologized to Nicole for any of that? Not that she has to, but don't be a hypocrite and blame Nicole or say she bullied her into making bad decisions. She is back to being a mean girl like in the beginning of the season. She has become a withered, frail shell. Always complaining about she can't breathe, can't sleep, hates the house, is jealous of Nicole, is playing her own game. She was so worried about how she was being seen/portrayed in the real world early in the season. Apparently not anymore after her dirty gameplay.
  10. She seems to have figured out more about the Tommy and Christy duo. (If she wasn't already told by production after the blow horn incident) I would love to see her win a HOH and veto to make her resume strong. Then Cliff and her as f2. I think Cliff would still win though. But her in second place with AFP would be great. Just so gr8ful, unde9able, and 6shooters don't win.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if production sent someone in after Tommy hid his life preserver, took it outside the house and then put it back after the last one was found. Does anyone see Tommy being really stressed lately? I'm wondering if he's regretting being with Christy as a pair since she's pretty much put his game in jeopardy. And the way he's sucking up and cuddling with Nicole all the time trying to win her over is sickening. Once it's confirmed that Jess is leaving, he'll be stuck to her for jury vote.
  12. Christy talks so fast that you can hear her exhaling and inhaling while whispering her bs. And I'm tired of her "Truth" speak. Nothing but lies while swearing on her sister. She keeps telling Jess and Nicole that her deal with Jackson was for only one week. I hope she goes out 5th like she said in her deal, right after Tommy goes in DE.
  13. This girl's pitch to Nicole to keep her over Cliff was pathetic and comical. Saying she has always had Nicole's back in the game, trusts Nicole, and has a better chance of getting to the f2 with Jess because Jess has volunteered to be the pawn with Tommy and Christy. And that Nicole won't win over Cliff or Jackson. That Cliff and Jackson are working together. Nicole is much smarter than Jess knows. Jess has talked rudely about Nicole behind her back, told Nicole that what Kat said to her wasn't as bad as she's making it to be, told Nicole just last week that she DOESN'T trust her because she forgave Nick and voted Kat (Jess's actual f2) out. Cliff has been with Nicole since early in the game with Ovi, Cliff has included Nicole and protected her numerous times and they have a f2. Sure, Cliff is working with Jackson but so is Nicole for now. Plus Nicole told Nick before he left that she was going to target Christy and Tommy. This just shows Jess has no game. She's just following Christy like a piece of toilet paper stuck on Christy's shoe.
  14. Is it just me or has this seasons "twists" been a complete fail? The powers sucked- Ovi should have been able to pass his on to another HG like on Survivor since he couldn't use it. The Field Trip- did nothing to change the game. Except to convince Christy that America hates her. Which is one positive. Prank Week- Just made a disgusting mess with the pies. The goop in the veto chip box was no big deal. The clowns were stupid after the first few appearances. The bird call fake comp was ok. Prankster power- Would have made a bigger twist if that person could have done more than just nominate one HG. Just my thoughts on a very boring season so far.
  15. I think he's setting Holly and him up to be safe with Tommy/Christy and Cliff/Nicole by targeting Jess. He seems to be wanting f4 to be with Holly, Cliff and Nicole. But also trying to make Christy/Tommy think he's with them. If Jess is smart, she could tell Jackson and Holly that Christy has said she is targeting them, and make a deal not to put Jackson up next week should she win. I think Cliff and Nicole would want Christy out over Jess. But Jackson is the tie breaker. Sidenote: I'm over watching his shovel watermelon chunks into his mouth one after another without barely chewing. Ugh!
  16. That's the way I feel. If Cliff or Nicole actually did hear what was said, they should be able to use that info to further their game. They should be able to blow up Christy and Tommy's games as Christy has done to others. I understand this "secret" is BB's twist this season, but to interfere in the game to the point of overprotecting them is wrong, in my opinion. Nicole keeps saying she thinks there's something more to their connection. So, maybe she didn't actually hear what was said. But Tommy told Christy that no one is allowed to talk about it. After hearing from production that they can't discuss what was said outside, Cliff and Nicole HAVE to know something is up. And really, what could/would BB do to either Cliff or Nicole? If they threatened to give them a penalty nom (after allowing Jackson to cheat on slop) or evict them, I think BB fans would be very vocal about their disappointment. I enjoy the show but think everyone should have a fair and even chance in the game.
  17. I would love to know if Nicole fell because of her back injury the night before, exhaustion and cold, or because she has been told by production that Christy and Tommy are protected. I know those were her targets from the previous nights conversation with Nick. Jackson and Tommy weren't up for much longer after she dropped. She seemed in the zone during the comp. Unless she was in pain when leaning forward and hanging on. I heard her mention she didn't have the ab strength to stay leaning forward. Jackson was planning to throw it to her. Tommy must not trust her to not have thrown it to her.
  18. Tommy the snake blabbed everything Nick told him in his campaign to the other snake Christy. Christy then tells Tommy she was worried last night that Nicole told Nick what she heard on the loudspeaker outside about Tommy and Christy knowing each other. Tommy replies "they aren't allowed to talk about that to anyone". I'm assuming Cliff and Nicole were told not to discuss the subject with anyone. I find this completely unfair. Kat, Holly and Jackson were accused of the same thing and got no protection or assistance from BB. Production shouldn't be assisting them to that point. I don't care for Nick but having his game blown up by Christy and her still getting protection is disgusting. Let Ms Manifest Queen and irritating "Obsessed With You" King talk there way out of their secret. If those two are protected until the end, I'm done with BB. Also, I found it disrespectful, rude and disgusting that Christy munched on and talked with food in her mouth while campaigning to Nicole.
  19. She says Nick is manipulative. Pot meet kettle. It's disgusting how often she swears on her sisters life while lying. And the fact that production is protecting her and Tommy's secret relationship after the blow horn incident and she said it was "not fair" that even happened in the first place makes me want to see her go next.
  20. I find it rediculous that Tommy wanted Kat out because she was close to everyone. And Nick is attacked for being good with most people. But Tommy is by far the best with EVERYONE! He tells EVERYONE that he is "obsessed" with them. Plus he has his secret relationship with Christy that's being protected by production. I'd like to believe that he is genuinely a nice guy in real life. But why doesn't anyone attack him for "playing all sides"?
  21. Congratulations Jackson on turning your HOH reign from playing chess to playing checkers.
  22. Listening to her talk is liKe (strong k sound) ........(loong pause).............. soooo annoying and boring. It takes her so long to get a simple thought or answer out with the long pauses and the word "liKe" used over and over. She speaks normal in DR sessions. So my guess is that when she's talking, whether it's one on one or in a group of HG's, she is just stalling time so she has the attention that she so clearly craves.
  23. I grew to like JC but he has become so annoying with his constant singing in his nasally voice, complaining, rude comments, etc. I think Kaycee wanted to tell him by now about L6 and the F2 with Tyler but Tyler wants to put it off until tomorrow. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that if Tyler wins part 3 he will take JC instead of KC. He's said he is loyal to L6, has had the F2 with KC the longest and wants to sit next to a strong competitor at the end. But JC has told him he won't win against KC because she hasn't pissed off any jury members. And Tyler said he was there to win. Since part 1 & 2 are over I don't see why they don't just tell JC he's 3rd place.
  24. Another comp that was hard for him was the slip and slide HOH that Fessy won. JC had to climb on the little wall in order to pour into the container. Not that it would have made a difference when 6' Fessy didn't struggle much. I wonder if JC was purposely left out of the comics comp because he wouldn't have been able to reach the helicopter rails or get out of the garbage container. To my memory though, the first part of final HOH is endurance, second part is mixture of endurance and mental and third is mental in knowing (guessing) what the juror says they enjoyed, liked, annoyed by, ect. the most during the season. JC was only 40 seconds behind Kaycee so he shouldn't be complaining about it being unfair in my opinion.
  25. Watching JC pout, whine, bitch and complain right now is pure joy to me!!! He's breathing so fast and loud he might have a heart attack. Also said to Tyler that he wants out of this f-ing house so maybe he'll self evict. Lol. He's acting like a 5 year old who doesn't get his own way and throws a tantrum. He made F3....be grateful!!!
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