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  1. I agree with you Gram. When they were playing gin rummy I was thinking to myself that is not how you play but I guess they were playing by Xmas' rules. A full deck is not dealt out, only 10 cards. I think that a deck of old maid or go fish cards would have been simpler or even a game not using cards.
  2. i have always wondered when they were asked to go the diary room what happened behind those closed diary room doors - anyone know?
  3. I am glad that Josh picked King Paul over Xmas- what a better way to stick it to Paul to have that gnome sitting there fully expecting to win and then not win. That to me is more humiliating than to have him be the final jurist.
  4. I might be watching Celebrity BB but the suggested line-up bores me already. I have a feeling that there will be your usual reality show suspects on it because that's what they do.
  5. You know when we get right down to it - we are sort of like a big, somewhat dysfunctional, family and I mean it when I said I am going to miss reading comments. If I don't get a chance to say it before tomorrow- love you guys - take care of yourselves. MimiLily/kindofabbfan
  6. As we come to the end of this season of BB I just wanted to comment that I have enjoyed reading the message boards. Sure, we didn't always agree on things but the comments have been interesting. I will miss coming to the boards and reading them after BB is over. How many of you will be watching Celebrity BB?
  7. Thank goodness for Orwell last night on AfterDark. Turned on AD and they were sleeping. Was just about to turn to another channel and thank you for Orwell and the polls, comments, etc I managed to watch for an hour. Thank you to POP TV & Orwell for making this season more interesting. Always looked forward to the nights that Orwell was on.
  8. I think that there is a pretty good possibility that Josh could win part 3. King Paul is so full of himself and that might get in the way of winning. I really don't think that Josh will throw it. I think that Josh is wanting to beat King Paul and shut King Paul down and I think that he has secretly been wanting to do that every time that King Paul treats him like crap. He best take the opportunity to do it tonight and not let King Paul win. Some people have underestimated Josh and thought him to be a stupid obnoxious kid but I really think there is more to him than people see.
  9. I am getting sick and tired of the faux king bossing Josh around and treating Josh like his b*tch. How sweet it would be when Josh gets to evict the faux king and then be able to tell the faux king "who is the b*tch now? Josh has had to put up with a lot of bossiness and doing the faux king's bidding so that the faux king didn't "blood on his hands".
  10. Wouldn't that be something - loud cheering - imagine how that egotistical gnome faux king would react.
  11. I agree with you straykat. Perhaps ( just maybe) the faux king's over confidence and self-absorption will do him in and he loses. All I can really do now is hope, right?
  12. Sure Josh made noise banging pots & pans but look who instigated and encouraged him to do that. Who is the one who told Josh to go ahead and stir the pot? Maybe he shouldn't have done what the faux king told him to but then again he was trying to keep the target off of his back if he disobeyed the faux king. Josh's biggest move in the game is yet to come. He couldn't have made any big moves earlier because the majority of the house wouldn't not have gone along with putting the faux king on the block and voting him out as they were all under the influence of the faux king's
  13. "If anyone still doubts production is supporting Paul and giving him answers and the comps in which he will do best and win, certainly all can now see the truth." When King Paul won that HOH comp (True or False) it was very obvious to me that he was given the answers from production - "all answers are false except for third question"- because he won that far too easy. It would have been more believable to me that he won that HOH honestly if he had answered at least one question wrong. Kind of like when you are given the answers to a test in school if you know what I mean.
  14. So here is my "vote"; CBS BB- I will vote for Josh but want Orwell to win. Poor Orwell has had to put up with a lot of craziness this season. Raven's BB: definitely not her or Matt so it would be the one who got under her skin the most and for me that is Kevin. JMHO
  15. Just wondering - which BB show are we voting AFP for - the CBS version or the Raven version?

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