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  1. It's not the amount, it's totally the principle. Television went from free once you purchased a tv & advertisers paid for the programming to us paying $80+ for cable in addition to having to sit through innumerable advertisements now to paying all plus additional for individual programs. I understand paying extra for live feeds as that would be almost impossible for a station to carry them.
  2. Don't think I'll be subscribing just on principle. As much of a fan of BB as I have been since season 1, I don't like encouraging this "pay for your entertainment" thing. It's not like we don't already pay for cable plus extra channels plus have to sit through networks commercials which they get big money for too. Love this show but I'm tired of being ripped off. (In the "old days" your tv programs were free to you, paid only by advertisers. It's getting totally out of hand.)
  3. Hopefully Paul will grow up a little & use this experience and criticism to improve. After seeing his reactions when he won HOH & F3, then tonight when he chose Nicole to go with him to F2, I could see a good person there. I have flip-flopped too on how I felt about him, there were some very positive sides to him but the way he talks about women...wow. Needs improvement. But every single guy in that house got vulgar when they hung out together, even James which shocked me. Guess it's a guy thing. If Paul said anything negative about Victor, I can't imagine he meant it. Those two seem close & I loved the way Paul congratulated Vic when AFP was named. Did anyone else notice the way Paul blamed Nicole for him not taking James? That little cut back to them where he said don't worry about what he told James, the jury didn't see it. He let James think Nicole told on him, but she didn't. By doing that, he got James' vote. Sneaky but it worked.
  4. Didn't Michelle vote for Paul? That surprised me!
  5. I am SO excited Victor won America's Favorite!!!!! You could tell it meant a lot to him...& of course the $25,000 didn't hurt. What kind of got to me too was Paul being so happy for him even after he'd just lost the half million. Then again $50,000 isn't all that bad either. I hope those two wisely use the majority of that money, but a little taken on their trip to Vegas would be great for them. CONGRATULATIONS VICTOR & PAUL!!!
  6. I didn't know that about Derrick, but I hope you're right about Vic. When he was joking around & laughing, I couldn't help but smile. I agree with abdala that there's something about him that's special..I've watched BB since the first season & can't remember liking anyone as much as him. (Not in a perverse way at all, he's just unique.) As for his game, I believe he deserved to win as much if not more than most. No one in this season played the perfect game. He was a "comp beast", played a great social game & he was loyal, he just didn't have the killer instinct. Btw, Derrick also said he thought Victor would have been his pick except he had just been voted out.
  7. Right before Corey was evicted, Nicole told him even she knew she hadn't done much to be voted the win. It's not that I'm necessarily disagreeing with anyone who thinks her game was good, she is in the F3. But until recently, I didn't see that much gameplay out of her. This evening on BBAD all she did was get tipsy & badmouth James for not deserving to go to F2. Because she, as a super fan, would never vote for anyone who didn't do anything. I do like Nicole, but it was unnecessary to go on & on every time James left the room talking about how he has done nothing. As for Paul, I don't think he's a bad guy really. When he broke down after winning that last HOH I saw how much stress he's been under. And since he can't stop talking about how the jury will vote, he seems to be stressing again.
  8. Totally agree on all points! And between Baldwin & the night all the guys were making fun of Nicole's little town, not sure which one had me laughing the hardest.
  9. Whoever wins is a moot point at this stage of the game, it all comes down to the final competitions. That's why I'm thinking right now about AFP because that's the only thing that we have any control over. It's usually a member of the jury & I'm looking at who we have to vote for...and Vic is the only one who played anywhere near worthy without resorting to all the lying & petty stuff. I'm not making excuses for him, I just think he played the best game of the ones sitting on jury right now. He may not have had the full "strategy", but he had a good social game & comp wins. Two out of three isn't bad. I normally vote for the best all-over game play & I'd struggle if I had to choose between Paul & Vic because Paul had the best strategy, but watching BBAD I just didn't like him every since the night he went off about Tiffany flirting with him for his help & he'd be happy to ___________ her (insert the dirtiest thing you can think of, I'm not repeating what he said over & over that night). As for "being evicted twice should be enough to disqualify you from winning the game", he's out, so that's also a moot point. But it seems that being still IN the game doesn't mean you should win either. I loved Nicole her first season, but even she admits she didn't do anything worthy this time. She lied a lot, but she's horrible at even that. If she makes it to F2, hope she figures out she can say it was her plan all along even though it wasn't. That's the only way she'll be able to win the jury votes.
  10. Victor seemed obnoxious at the beginning, then the true "him" showed up. He worked so hard, whether you think he should have had so many chances or not. It's the game and personally I don't think he should be blamed for being strong enough both physically & mentally to win his way back. The others had the same chances...you say "not Frank"? Frank went out at an in opportune moment, which was right after the first 4 were evicted & right before he could make it to jury. I've seen some comments on here that Vic bragged too much about his wins. He's young, people. And of course he was proud of himself, who wouldn't be? He tried to stay loyal & lie as little as possible. What other houseguest did any better than him? He was so entertaining & had a smile on his face for the most part. Of all the guests in the jury house right now, I think Victor really does deserve America's Favorite & hope there are a lot of people out there that think the same way. He was SO excited over that $5,000...would love to see him win the $25,000!
  11. I agree with you on how lousy it is of Nicole calling James dirty. But I do think Paul can beat either Nicole or James if the jury votes strictly on game play & not who they like personally. I still think Nicole has a chance if she claims she was "laying low" at the beginning of the game & started playing when she had to. Untrue but, hey, it's BB. (I'm very disappointed in Nicole, really liked her on her season.)
  12. Looks like Paul & Nicole have ganged up totally on James. No, he hasn't done much this game, but they really don't have to be so mean about it. Don't they realize he's going to see this later & feel like crap?
  13. At this point I don't really care who wins. I'd prefer it be James, not because he's played such a good game, but because he seems to be an all-around nice guy for the most part & could use the money more than Corey or Paul who both seem to come from LOTS of money. Loved Nicole her first season, but this time she didn't do much of anything until recently. If that had been her strategy from the beginning, good for her, but it wasn't. Too bad Victor is out, he played a great game, was as loyal & honest as you can be in this game PLUS could use the money. Wish people would rally round him for America's favorite! Paul has worked the hardest of the 4 left & normally I figure that deserves the win. But after hearing so much come out of his mouth on BBAD, I'd vote against him.
  14. Would it have been better if Da had won it after sitting out all those weeks? Victor had JUST been evicted & he and all the other members of the jury had the same chance. He won. He fought for it the hardest. No one should hold it against him for the BB rules of the game, they're the ones that decide the rules, not us. At least he's been playing the game hard, Corey has done NOTHING to earn anything. It's not that I dislike Corey, I do like him. But I think people should vote on actual game play.
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