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  1. i would love for da to have the return ticket come back in the house win hoh and put paul and paulie up on the block and if one of them comes down put coreys weak ass on the block. I hate that the women get in this game get sprung, and start playing a mans game. Da was the only 1 whose using her head that's why they want her out shes too damn smart they only want women around they can control and manipulate, like Bridgette, Nicole, zakiyah, natalie etc. I truly think that's why they only put 2 African americans in 1 season at most there has never been a season where you have 4 or more black people in 1 season let alone in 18 seasons theres never been a black winner, hell theres only been 1 time in 18 seasons a black person has made it to the the final 2. that's a big problem because you have 16 contestants and only 2 at most are black, that's not right. now on 2 the pp connection, please, please, somebody in that house use ur brain for 1 minute and get rid of them very very soon because if not that's ur final 2 right there!!!
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