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  1. Jason's available ammunition appears to be methane! I like Kryssie's personality and misfit ways, guess that means I am a misfit too. But I understand how it can be a bit extreme at times.
  2. I am beginning to conceptualize this type of "directorial meddling" as something that has been part of all of the BB seasons, it has just been easier to detect on BBOTT and therefore easier for viewers to resent, or am I being paranoid?
  3. Nope, Shelby gets another pass. Her malfunction on the first try was after Jason's completed time but BB has decided that the same ruling on a third re-do is not warranted in the exact same scenario the second time. This stinks to high heaven
  4. Ok last night Shelby's performance was hindered during the HOH, now Jason has that same issue. What will be the result of the equipment malfunction now that the re-do of the HOH comp has also been affected? Co-HOHs for Jason and Shelby?
  5. 6 PM BBT. HOH showdown between Jason and Shelby is about to begin, re-do of the Laser Targeting comp due to malfunction. According to Twitter "BBOverTheTop ‏@BBOverTheTop 12m12 minutes ago A bonus episode will be available after the comp catching you up on the last 24 hrs of #BBOTT! Note: There will be no #WeekdayReplay today."
  6. According to Twitter: BBOverTheTop ‏@BBOverTheTop 23m23 minutes ago Watch Shelby & Jason compete for the title of next HOH on #BBOTT live at 9pm ET/6pm PT
  7. Since this incarnation is 100% Internet, we really need an official and solidly dependable "schedule" web page for all of these adjustments in voting events and, really, all events. The only option now is to head to Twitter. @sayre11: Were you trying to vote between 7 and 8 pm BBT? (my source for the voting window : http://mortystv.com/bbott/ ; see this passage "...During this week's double eviction, the Houseguests will not compete in a veto competition. Instead, the winner of this care package will be awarded with the power of veto. There will be just one hour of voting (HERE)
  8. This is disconcerting! Especially with respect to the broken mirror fiasco early this morning. Who is to say that Kryssie's time would NOT have been better than Shelby's? How "close" was Shelby to finishing the comp? All four, houseguests (Jason, Shelby, Kryssie, Justin) in this comp should get a re-do. Cherrypicking the two who get to re-do the task has us angered. For instance, at what time point did Kryssie reach a comparable level of task progression where Shelby's mirror broke?????
  9. I am in agreement! Maybe these aspects are also influenced by the dreaded "vote-for-the-worst" Internet pressure.
  10. I agree, there is a fundamental imbalance in the game's design with respect to the 'extra' perks, even when those perks have their own set of punishment.
  11. My wife tells me Neeley and Morgan did complete POV TASK Kryssie is struggling with. My feed is locking up, I cannot update from this point on this evening.
  12. Kryssie Asking to be disqualified but [seemingly sadistic] production remains unswayed.

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