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  1. I just went to the CBS site to cast an AFP vote...just stared at the screen...couldn't come up with anyone. How sad is that????
  2. I personally would love it if no one voted. Maybe that would let CBS that they dropped the ball casting this season
  3. Was it announced that next Thursday is a double eviction or is it speculation? I ask because my dvr stopped taping before the actual end of last nights show.
  4. I think what is most mind boggling is the delusional thinking by these idiots that they have any chance of winning if they get F2 with their lord and master. I think with the DE this week that this is going to be their one and only chance to derail his Road to Victory. Breaks my heart to know that none of them are gonna pull that trigger
  5. If she changes her current hairstyle I might be able to take her for awhile. She actually seems kind of sweet but that hair has gotta GO
  6. Couldnt stand him from the second he received his key.
  7. Starting to wonder if its in the name. C O D Y. Wasnt there an arrogant Cody there recently??? Lol
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