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  1. How many times are people going to show their insecurities and ugliness by spreading lies? I'm sick and mad as heck that Tiffany has this, "all out" campaign against DaVonne. I realize Tiffany needs to put heat on someone and take it off herself BUT isn't DaVonne mainly responsible for Tiffany still being on BB? Frank is a jerk! He did call her a slut...now his character is being defamed....really? The problem with DaVonne is that she should have stayed low after the comment/butt slap, but she couldn't contain herself. Playing a game is one thing....what Frank and Tiffany are doing to DaVonne....especially Tiffany is just wrong! I'm sorry, it goes to my reconfirmation that anytime White people get in trouble they want to blame someone Black. Has DaVonne intentionally lied about anyone? No! Neither Frank nor Tiffany have a justified reason for going after DaVonne, she's just convenient!
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