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  1. 02:55 PM BBT (Continued convo in Have-Not Room) James says he doesn't understand why he keeps getting cut out of everything. Da'Vonne says she thinks it is nothing personal and that is something that she could try and find out why. James says he has been honest with everything and doesn't understand why people can't trust him. James says he thinks that they (Nicole and Frank among others) think he is a threat. James says they need to get the group back together. James says if they get rid of Corey, Nicole will come back to the group. James say, "There are so many options we could do, we just got to be sneaky". James mentions that keeping Victor might be a good idea, but then Da'Vonne says that everyone just wants him to go. Da'Vonne says they can only hope that Victor can come back into the house so he can target Paulie. Da'Vonne tells James that other HGs do not get it, that they are only her for "showmances and social media followers". Da'Vonne is still wiping tears for her face. Da'Vonne says the goal now is to get rid of Frank. James says he doesn't think Nicole would try and come after him. Zakiyah walks into the room. James mentions missing his daughter. Zakiyah hugs Da'Vonne and James. 03:04 PM BBT In the Safari Room, Natalie and Bronte are speculating that there might be more HGs as siblings with pass BB HGs. Bronte says they might have something if they make it to 5 evictions like the TwinTwist from BB17. They say they need to win the next HoH. James walks into the room and closes the door. They say Team Unicorn needs to win the next HoH. WBRB.
  2. 02:31 PM BBT Paul mentions he saw The Conjuring 2 before coming to BB and hated it. Paul then says, "American's don't make good horror films". 02:34 PM BBT Nicole goes upstairs and sits on the sky bridge couch by herself. 02:37 PM BBT Back in the WA, Zakiyah has finished with Michelle eyebrows. Zakiyah says she is afraid to put up one of the Powerpuff Girls (Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette) next week. Some game-talk but it's difficult to tell which person they are talking about since they are only using 'he' and 'she' pronouns and mic audio is terrible. BB tells Zakiyah to stop obstructing her microphone. Zakiyah then says, "I'm about to wash my ass". 02:45 PM BBT Back up on the sky bridge, Corey comes and sits with Nicole. Nicole mentions something about Frank and feeds go WBRB. Feeds back. Nicole says Da'Vonne needs to go home too. [Whoever is in charge of the microphones today needs to be fired] Nicole says she doesn't trust Da'Vonne because she is trying to send them home. Nicole thinks Da'Vonne would put her up as Roadkill. Nicole says Da'Vonne seemed 'standoffish' today. 02:49 PM BBT Down in the Have-Not Room, James is talking to Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne starts to cry as James talks to her.
  3. 02:28 PM BBT In the LR, James, Victor, and Paul are sitting on the couch talking about television and movies. In the WA, Zakiyah is helping Michelle with her eyebrows.
  4. 10:49 PM BBT James, Tiffany, Victor, Paulie, and Corey are in the Safari Room talking about what happened on the 4th of July in past seasons. They mentioned that they get booze, pizza, and BB16 got to watch fireworks on the living room television. James mentions how they had to come in last year because they could hear a band that was playing at the party that is held every year on the studio lot. Much like the HGs, it's been a long day. I think I'm also gonna head to bed. Hopefully someone else can pick of the coverage. See ya'll tomorrow!
  5. 10:29 PM BBT Back to the Safari Room, Nicole, Frank, Corey, and James talking about how feeds are off during 4th of July and they get more beer and wine than usual during that time. Frank wishes that eviction was tomorrow night. Paulie walks through the door. Franks says that Victor had to know he was in trouble when he was laying in bed by himself for a few hours. 10:32 PM BBT HoH crew comes down to KT. James leaves Safari Room and Victor enters. In UKBR, James is giving a back massage to Michelle. Michelle says Victor is going to be 'trashed' with all the alcohol that he has consumed tonight. Michelle says she regrets having the beer because it is hurting her stomach. 10:36 PM BBT In WA, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette are talking future game moves. Bronte says she is confused about how Tiffany was suppose to throw the PoV comp, but she tried to win it. Bronte saw Paulie talking to Tiffany and she assumes it was him trying to reassure her to throw the comp. Bronte says,"We are the outsiders and people will come for us" and "I'm not saying anything, my ass is on the line" and "If James keeps throwing comps, my ass is going home". Bronte tells the girls they think James is the mastermind behind the plan. Bronte says she knew within 20 seconds that James was throwing the HoH comp. James comes in dress in a beanie and glasses.
  6. 10:07 PM BBT Conversation continues in SR between Frank and James. Frank states again that if they can't get Bronte out next week, then it is time to get Tiffany out. They both leave the SR and walk to the KT. 10:09 PM BBT Back up in the HoH, the group continues to enjoy the wine and beer while playing the word game. 10:11 PM BBT In KT, Frank looks into trashcan where Zakiyah dumped excess slop and Frank shouts, "Damn, it looks like someone straight up vomited in there!" 10:13 PM BBT Paul suggest the HoH crew play a new game in where the HGs have to guess an item based on a story he tells them. The rules are the HGs can only ask ye/no questions and the goal is to figure out the entire story. Paul says the story is this 'A man gets a package in the mail, knows what is in it, and opens it". 10:15 PM BBT Nicole walks down to use WC and shouts. James comes in. Apparently someone, not James, put chocolate on the toilet seat to make it look like poop. 10:17 PM BBT James and Frank are in Safari Room talking about how they need to talk to Nicole. Frank says he wants to talk to Da'Vonne but she is sleeping. They are thinking of an alliance name. James suggest #TeamComeback and #ComebackSquad. Nicole comes into the room. Frank jokes that he was trying to talk to James. Nicole sits and Frank looks out the door to see if anyone is around. Franks tells Nicole if they can't get out Bronte next week, they need to get out Tiffany. Nicole says she is fine with that plan. Frank mentions his order again. Victor, Bronte, Tiffany, Paul. Nicole makes an audible "hmm" when Frank mentions voting out Paulie. Frank says they target Bridgette or Natalie, but if they get the chance, have Paulie as the third nom. Frank says Paulie and Corey are going to win comps. Frank says he feels bad but they need to get them out. Frank says if they get the first three people from his plan out that everyone will start listening to them. Frank is surprised that BB16 and BB17 had 9 person juries. Frank says they always had 7. Corey walks into the room. Corey says he gave him his beer. James mentions that makes 3 beers for Victor. Nicole says that it will calm him down for tomorrow.
  7. 09:54 PM BBT Frank and James come down from HoH. Natalie has now joined Zakiyah in KT to eat something while Zakiyah cleans the dishes. Frank and James in SR talking about how Victor may be realizing that he could be in trouble this week. Frank says that he hates Paulie taking all the heat and that Victor should know that the house wants him out. James says that is not a good idea. Frank says the vets needs to win the Roadkill comp next week and put up Tiffany. Frank says he doesn't trust Tiffany. Frank says Tiffany is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, such as Da'Vonne today and Nicole yesterday. Frank says, "Tiffany is someone we need to get out before jury". James says, "I feel she is the weakest link of the group". James think Tiffany is the one member of the group that could do something drastic. Frank says he would rather keep Bronte longer. James suggests that Tiffany could go after Frank and Frank agrees. James says he can't win next week. James asks Frank who he puts up if he wins. Frank says Bronte, Natalie, or Bridgette and they can give Tiffany the third spot and get her out the door. Franks says it give them an extra week to get one of the other girls out the door. Natalie walks in to grab something and then leaves. James says, "This house talks. If you say something, it will get around. The best thing to do is to keep your mouth closed". [Smart, smart, smart man] Frank suggests Paulie needs to go eventually. James says Nicole is going to have a hard time voting Paulie out. Frank says if they don't get rid of Tiffany then Paulie needs to go. James say, "I'm on the same page as you". Frank says the girls will be okay with getting Tiffany out after Bronte. James says if they make Tiffany the secret nom, they have to make it look like it isn't them. Victor, Bronte, Tiffany, Paul is the order Frank is wanting to get out of the house. James says,"That's a good plan, that's a good plan". James says Da'Vonne would tell them if the girls were up to something.
  8. 09:41 PM BBT Everyone but Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Natalie are in HoH. Zakiyah is downstairs eating from the Have-Not berry bowls. Da'Vonne is sitting by herself in the Have-Not room reading from the Bible. Zakiyah puts on gloves and starts dumping the Have-Not setup on dining room table.
  9. 09:33 PM BBT Back up in the HoH, HGs are enjoying the beer and wine. Paul suggest they play beer pong. Michelle says they could save the rest of the alcohol for the 4th and Frank says then they won't give them anymore. James says maybe they should hide it. Frank says that they know where they would put it obviously. 09:36 PM BBT Down in the WA, Da'Vonne and Zakiyah are taking about how everyone is getting tipsy upstairs drinking the beers. Da'Vonne tells Zakiyah that they got champagne and she should go ask BB if they can have any. Da'Vonne talking to herself. BB says, "Please put on your mic". Da'Vonne answers back, "I'm talking to myself!" [Hopefully the HNs know they will get a penalty vote if they drink any alcohol]
  10. 09:18 PM BBT Continuing conversation in HoH, Tiffany tells Frank her middle name is Alexis. Tiffany asks Frank what he did in the house during his season. Frank says they most just sat around and talked about movies and television. Frank says he remembers something about a game with a ping-pong ball but can't remember it exactly. Frank then remembers getting some kind of card game with words on the cards. Tiffany suggests Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity. 09:21 PM BBT Back downstairs, WA crew continues to talk about what costumes they would wear to Paul's Halloween Party. Paul says he loves Halloween because he gets to "dress up and act like a kid". [Funny, I didn't know that Paul celebrated Halloween everyday in the BB house] Paul mentions a situation about him and his dogs and says "I woke up realizing I was spooning my dog". Paul mentions how gross Hollywood Blvd is. Other HGs saying how grimy it really is and staying far away from it. 09:28 PM BBT In SR, Nicole and James find the alcohol. Nicole laughs and says that other HGs will know if they hide part of it because BB only gave them 2 bottles. James jokes he is going to chug a bud light and say there are only 5 of them. Tiffany walks in. Nicole counts the HGs to see who can get alcohol. Tiffany says they are like little kids. Nicole puts a couple beers under her shirt. James suggests putting it in the trash bag. Nicole sounds disappointed as they leave to the KT. Da'Vonne see the alcohol and mentions that Have-Nots do not get to have any. Nicole, Tiffany, and James run up to HoH with alcohol.
  11. 09:11 PM BBT Nicole, Da'Vonne, James, Michelle, and Zakiyah in WA talking about passports and places they want to visit. Michelle asks James if he has a PO Box for fan mail. HGs say they are going to get one. Paul come into the conversation. BB tells Paulie to go to DR. HGs all want to go to Paul's Halloween Party. 09:14 PM BBT Up in the HoH, Corey, Paulie, Frank, Tiffany, Bronte, and Natalie are discussing wearing Nike clothing and shoes. Lots of little side conversations between Corey, Bronte, and Natalie on the bed and Tiffany, Frank, and Paulie on the sofa.
  12. 07:17 PM BBT Nicole, Paul, and Corey in BR. General chat. Paul asks Corey if he wants to play chess later. Frank walks into the room. Nicole and Frank both leave. Paulie's word was "Sustainability" Paul leaves to eat some slop. 07:22 PM BBT In WA, Bronte talking to Da'Vonne about how messy the PoV competition was while cleaning themselves up.
  13. 07:10 PM BBT Michelle says that Paulie is for sure using PoV. Zakiyah is worried that every time they will try to meet, Paul will come in think he is part of the group now. WBRB appears a few times. Zakiyah leaves the room to "wash her ass". Michelle and Tiffany now talking about things in the Have-Not Room. Da'Vonne walks in. Michelle says she is bored and needs to hear something new. Da'Vonne grabs her make-up bag and walks out the room. Michelle and Tiffany thinks 4th of July would be ugly in the house if Victor knew the house wanted him out. Tiffany says she hate being on the block. Bronte walks into the room. 07:15 PM BBT Paulie talking to Zakiyah and Da'Vonne in WA. Paulie is explaining how he is going to tell Victor he is going on the block.
  14. 07:02 PM BBT Tiffany and Paul are still cleaning up. They are disgusted with what is coming out of their ears. Paul leaves to go to BR. He puts his face super close to one of the mirrors in the BR Hallway and begins to pop blackheads. 07:04 PM BBT Paul and Paulie talking in BR. Paulie says he wants to turn on the heat on him so that Victor is not pissed at everyone. Paulie says when he tells Victor, he is going to say it was a personal decision. Tiffany walks by. Paulie explains how he is going to tell Victor he is going up. Paul asks if he should act surprised. Tiffany and Paul say Paulie is such a good guy. Nicole walks in and Tiffany leaves. They continue to discuss how the PoV competition played out. 07:07 PM BBT In the Have-Not Room, Tiffany, Michelle, and Zakiyah discussing what should come next. Tiffany thinks that Natalie should go next. Michelle asks Tiffany what was happening upstairs. Tiffany says she took a shower and didn't hear. Tiffany tells them Paulie's plan to break the news to Victor.

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