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    Black and white TV, color tv, cheesy sci-fi movies, godzilla movies, saturday morning cartoons! I love TV!
  1. I agree, Bewitched was a little bit more sophisticated which made it more satisfying to watch. Usually events happen through the planning and intelligence of (mean spirited) characters, instead of Jeannie just acting stupid.
  2. Hi new here, and have a really strange question, I need help identifying a sketch comedy show I saw in the 80's. I believe it's possibly "FRIDAYS"? The sketch starts with a man looking in the mirror, struggling to remove a bra (which he's wearing for whatever reason). He's reaching around to the back, can't unhook the bra and remove it from himself. Then of course, there is a knock on the door and he panics. He quickly puts on a sweater to cover up the bra, but you can still see the shape of bra cups through the sweater. He answers the door, and tries to hide behind it, but it turns out he's a therapist or counselor and it's one of his patients who needs advice. She comes in, so he gets her to sit on the couch, and tries to position himself so she can't see he's wearing a bra. Somehow, throughout the conversation, he magically gets the bra to come out one of his sleeves, and hilariously flings it away and is saved! haha! So, did I imagine this weird sketch or show, or what was this weird thing I saw as a kid? It wasn't Bosom Buddies, I dont think. Does anyone know what this was? LOL Thanks!
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