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  1. I like the teams set up this year, as people always make secret alliances and groups, its good to see them forced to play in groups--even with silly names they give them!
  2. I agree latin! She is making it all too personal. Playing a game, you cannot let your emotions get away from you! I always think when I watch a hg running amok, if I were their friend IRL, would I look at them differently once they are out? And not in a good way?
  3. She was very astute at playing the game but I think maybe rubbed the wrong people the wrong way! I hate to see anyone go because the whole group wants them out. I wonder who will vote for Heather to go instead of Ika tonight?
  4. I know I would love to see some of the gang at Miami Metro again. That part of the show in itself was interesting to me--the backstabbing, the politics, the humour and comraderie of the characters would be something I could watch every week!
  5. I dont know if I would like the way Jeff brings out stuff at TC if I were in the show. He knows all that goes on in 'private' discussions the people have with each other, then exposes everything at Tribal Council! I think he influences the way the vote goes some nights.
  6. Darn! Well, how jealous will the jury be when they hear Gary is back in the House!! How will Peter and Alec spin that.
  7. Watching Alec's nasty remarks about the ones still in the house and how better he is than them, reminds me of Peter. And Alec thinks he can manipulate the Jury House!
  8. I cannot stand Peter's smugness and sense of superiority. When he realized the stupid others evicted him, he didnt hold back on the bitterness and hostility!
  9. I am enjoying the show. I didnt think I would, but its got me caught up in all the usual nonsense people in this kind of show will do. The house itself looks great, I like the host, and time will tell if it all comes together as a success.
  10. This is such sad news, I loved watching her over the years. I did not know that she was ill, so this was a bit of a surprise.
  11. I cannot access the chat room, all I get is this error thing in the chat window. I miss my chat room on nights Big Brother is on.
  12. I have been enjoying this season of CA. Lots of crazy, lots of drama, and lots of egos run wild!
  13. LFU--That's what been bothering me too. Six fans, six players who really wanted to be there just got swept aside because somebody thought these old hustlers from previous seasons, would be more interesting!! So wrong.
  14. Does anyone know when we get a look at the new hgs? I hope they dont leave it til the end of June.

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