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  1. I get the same feeling. Doesn't communicate emotion ...
  2. How'd she do? Had to leave just as Bristol was starting. ... I admit, I hope Kirstie does well just so I can see more Maks ...
  3. Hayden Moss showed up to the auditions in Vancouver, B.C. today.
  4. Hoping for an interesting inaugural BB Canada season. Thanks to everyone for giving me some summer bedtime reading!
  5. since they all agree that they shook hands and lied and backstabbed, the sticking point for many seems to be the swearing.
  6. Against someone else, I would have been happy for Ian. Busy being a bitter coach potato!
  7. I think Dan avoided reminding them that he had a bigger uphill battle because of the returning player target because he didn't want to remind them of their determination to give the money to a new player, but in doing so, weakened his speech. His emphasis on how he wasn't smart as some or as physical as some, and all of the flattery, didn't cut it. It was too obvious. I know he had a fine line to draw because talking about how he could talk two people to drop out of the HOH comp, for example, would embarrass Dani and could cause him to lose her vote. If he did throw that last HOH, he must really be kicking himself ...
  8. Thanks for posting the JeJo video. He seems so in love with her - wonder why he needs the ultimatum. But that's OT ...
  9. Still baffled as to why Dan doesn't want to take Dani. Surely he's got the skills to convince most of them that he deserves it over her, but Ian is a serious contender. Is he loathe to have to point out that he was behind almost everything she did and in doing so belittle her?
  10. So Dan is saying that he needs to throw the final comp because he wouldn't be able to get himself NOT to take Dani. Ack, I really thought taking Dani was his sure bet ...
  11. I think Dani as well. He can take credit for any decisions she made ...
  12. What Dan has managed to pull off time and time again has amazed me. I voted for Dan.
  13. I come from a split family - my daughter is greatly offended by his swearing on the Bible and his wife, etc., while I don't take those things literally at all because of the context. We will have very different reactions here to how the rest of the game unfolds!
  14. I like people whose natural instinct is to be loyal. It helps me to overlook quite a bit else.
  15. Did Jenn have her "City" nickname prior to coming into the house, or is it something that came up between the HG?
  16. If Dan gets his way, it will be Shawn as pawn vs Jenn.

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