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  1. I thought this was a clever play on the events and characters of this season. I never thought you were trying to speak for all of America.
  2. Corey got the package, because people loathe Paul and too many people think Victor has been given two gift chances already.
  3. Paul sucks. Loud & obnoxious, unintelligent vocabulary, and all around tool. This whole time I have wished the 8 pack would have held it together for 1 more week to get him too.
  4. Speaking of fair, how about every ousted houseguest getting a 2nd shot except Frank. The first five had battle back. Then Frank, then the next five get to play back in. Sure there was the round trip ticket, but I firmly believe there was 12 round trip tickets in the envelopes when Paul went into the Secret Room. I always feel production will invent drama if possible. On another note, I really want Paul to go.
  5. I guess it depends on whether we are talking about strong willed jersey girls or the loud obnoxious know it all moron jersey girls. She seems quite genuine and strong for the things she believes in. Her style usually gets chewed up by people who refuse to believe a person could be this genuine.
  6. How is this a thread? Dislike Paul, a lot, but this post...???
  7. Having Baboon brain luck into the HoH derailed the potential. Paulie lives folks. Dust off his finals ticket. A little lay low and he is home free.
  8. Some of the best in 3 years. So good. I know something is going down, just not sure exactly what yet. What a great time to have double eviction. And don't forget the round trip ticket either
  9. Well this is not a work place setting. This is a group of people from different walks of life. If they don't like it or find something innappriate, they need to say something. Da even let stuff go too long till she blew up. By then she was jilted and had blinders on to get Frank. Frank sure could have been great for her game had she spoke up sooner. Franks behavior looks pale compared to some of the ignorant mess these guys are spouting. In my opinion it is low rent behavior, but it is not sexual abuse.
  10. It cab be said his gameplay is spot on perfect. Since his game has been about siding with "the boys", it makes his treatment of the Z... Well expected. He has several, louder targets in front of him. Several paths leading to the end. As long as he continues to own his behavior, I don't see him being derailed.
  11. She was stupid! She went on some BS Frank witch hunt because she didn't speak up to some behavior she disliked. She either should have forgiven Frank and moved on with him or blown him up and keep that public. By sneaking around after him, she opened up her game to every other houseguest.
  12. On BBAD, last night, he stated something was very hard and asked for help from three different people. It was a puzzle on the back of a box of fruit loops. FRUIT LOOPS! So yes, whatever the question, the answer is yes Victor is that dumb
  13. Echoing any comments that regard her as petty, loose canon, small, snotty, stuck up. When she thew the apple at Paul, it gave him a little welt. (Not so nice) Then she explodes into tears at the idea of being a person who could hurt someone. She is a loon. Stuff happens.
  14. Well at the risk of turning a lot of women off, I am the one saying every guy is a kind of a jerk and every girl is kind of crazy. It is just a question to what level. Finding someone with your preferred level of either trait is what makes for successful relationships. These houseguests are simply not comprable by design.(poor casting) Unfortunately some of these designs are not as enjoyable to watch as others. No intent to offend, just the way I see it.
  15. Thanks. I agree with the statement that the guys are not acting very mature. In fact to me it is a pretty good depiction of our cultures young men. Blind to many things and sometimes acting mean to continue the veil of being vague & aloof. As for the women body image, I personally have never know a female without body image issues. The hottest women in the world probably thinks she has fat ankles or a gross freckle on her knee. So when these two worlds clash, you get nervous immature boys making comments, when they don't know what to say. But they aren't smart enough to just stay silent. Plus they are saying it to insecure girls who are looking for validation without appearing to be looking for that validation. I am starting to wonder if this is not a good season, or are we finally tired of seeing the reality of our culture. Every guy is kind of a jerk. Every girl is kind of crazy.
  16. If being honest, Paulie is being a butthole. Also being honest, Z and Michelle are not the definition of stable. The problem with casting drama queens is it usually is only good TV when they get run over. And that isn't good TV to many of us anymore.
  17. Curious...what was said to humiliate a woman?
  18. It was on BBAD last Wednesday. He jumped in the bathroom with that little notice and how it was never OK and he had her back. Her look was more "how the hell did I get here"
  19. So playing devils advocate, If a guy speaks to a female the way he does to another guy, can it be said he is treating them with the respect of an equal? Or is it disrespectful if they don't treat you the way you want them to. I am thinking that would make one look like a control freak and get you evicted quick.
  20. This guy is the type of person I loathe. Load mouth aside, he keeps spearheading attempts to humiliate whoever is going home. It doesn't seem fun to him that someone loses, hr wants them to lose the worst way possible. He is also a constant shit stirrer. When he told Bridgette his sister was anorexic from fat joke bullying, her WTF look went on for a while. Just another classic case of everything being a bully. I'm glad school look out for kids more today. But the by product is mouthy punks like this trash finding problems where none exists.
  21. As long as we are on things we cannot stand, "1,000%". Perhaps its the future grizzled old man coming out, but every time I hear that I think how stupid these people are. YOU CAN'T BE WITH THEM MORE THAN 100% YOU DOPE!!
  22. I was aware of all of those happenings. It just seems to me that, that Da' is smarter than most of these players. I am of the belief that none of them would have thought to flip on Tiff going home without Da' bringing it up in the first place. Michelle brought up the second chance after she had already spoke with Da' on trying to save Tiff. They wanted to really stick it to Frank. IMO, Da' made a huge mistep here. She may only have been one vote, but she opened the door for others to walk through.

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