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  1. 1. Frankie tried to tie himself to Julie's hip at the end of the show doing all sorts of idiotic dance moves. Total waste of human flesh. 2. Jocasta called said Derrick was fake-praying. First, why does she say it was fake. Second, even if it was fake, he probably did it out of respect for her. She is the one that decided to drag out her robes and decided to lead a service. 3. Who is not partial to Nicole? Cute, smart, vulnerable without a mean bone in her body. Even when she gets lost for works it is endearing. Did I mention cute? 4. Here is no reason to believe that Cody would have wo
  2. Frankie will weave his sister's name into the question.
  3. Forgot to add, "But Derrick. You said we would be the final 2, Don't you remember?" It may be the mic placement but Victoria is the loudest eater I have ever heard. It would drive me crazy along with excessive need to tweezer her hair.
  4. Can't figure out Victoria's glazed look. Did a hamster die or is she plotting to murder someone.
  5. Victoria game plan was to be as pathetic as she could be until someone would feel bad for her and get her through the next round (usually Derrick). Now it is to whine and act hurt because she was not invited to be a Hitman. Cody and Derrick should sit her down and tell her that her chances of reaching F2 dwindle with each whine and crying jag. She will have no impact on the jury because nobody on the jury respects her.
  6. I feel sorry for Derrick. He should win solely on the basis of the mental anguish he has gone through with Victoria. Plus, I am not sure that a mental breakdown would be a bad thing for Victoria. At least, she can get the help she needs. I got to admit, the booze thing would be very interesting. Derrick has the ability to control himself but Cody and Victoria are sloppy drunks. It would make good TV to see them have at each other.
  7. I hate Frankie to the same extent that he "loves" all the HGs. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a potential lie. He portrays himself as loyal but tell that to Zack. He says he tried to hide the fact that Ariana is his sister but could not maintain the ruse because of the type of person he was and racked by inner torture. Now, we find that Frankie planned this "reveal" before he entered the house but waited until jury members were being chosen. Smart move but don't piss in my face and tell me that it is raining. He tries to buy allegiance using everything from $$$, trips, and he
  8. It also appears that Frankie's reveal of his "true" identity was planned before he entered the house. So much for the self described inner torture he endured while hiding that he was Ariana's brother. What an ass!
  9. Not sure but if it anything like "friends" on facebook, the followers number is meaningless. I know people with literally thousands of friends of which only 5 regularly communicate.
  10. Frankie never needed the money. What he wanted was a stage to enhance his image (donate to charity) and display his pathetic lack of talent. All he did was to perpetuate a negative stereotype of gays and drag queens. His crawling into bed with guys and grabbing their ass does nothing but feed the homophobic's greatest fears. Then, in the exit interview, he brags that the viewers say the "real" Frankie. I hope this is the last time I see him. Do not count on me to buy a ticket for "Living La Viva Frankie". CBS get a bad mark for kissing his butt in interviews.
  11. Not thrilled with Derrick, but he played everyone very well. He had the muscle (Cody, Caleb) and an adoring pawn who he could bend to his will. As least, he need and will use the $$$ responsibly and make a better life for his family.
  12. Justin Timberlake - Still star Britney Spears - Mainly Las Vegas lounge act and commercials Christina Aguilera - Busy but not blazing Lindsay Lohan - Burnt out Hilary Duff - MIA Selena Gomez - Marginal. Largely known for dating Amanda Byrnes - Burnt out Emma Roberts - Never was a flaming star and largely known for acting pre and post Nick Nick Cannon - Who? Oh yeh Mariah Carey Jessica Alba - 3 episodes on Nick????? Melissa Joan Hart - MIA KeKe Palmer - established before Nick now floating Demi Lovato - established before Disney reduced to reality shows. Raven Symone - MIA
  13. Donny has to win if only to deflate Frankie. However, if Frankie does win, they should give the title to Ariana. Here is a 31 year old man who acts like he is 12 and admittedly says he was saved by the mention of his sister. Ironically, he says he could not hide it anymore because it stopped him from being who he was. This sounds like he was coming out of the closet. Sadly, he defines himself by his sister's success and by his association with real celebrities (Bieber and other ass*****). Frankie is a pathetic figure who's actions are a constant "Look at me, Look at me". The only thing
  14. The only way to Derrick to lose this is to get voted out. Otherwise, it is a done deal.
  15. I hope Victoria goes. I am just tired of her constant makeup, eating cereal at night, frozen faced dumb stare, and running to Derrick to whine and ask advice on EVERYTHING. Her belief that she played a good game is delusional as Frankie's claim that America loves him.

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