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  1. If one day as a child, I woke up covered in spiders, I would still be heavily medicated and locked away.
  2. Fear of public humiliation and Big Brother may not be a good combo (which is why I'll never be on TV), but I'm hoping her bluffing skills will come in handy.
  3. I'm not 100% sure but it's my understanding that it was his decision to go out on top. It took him a LONG time to finally walk away with that trophy and once he did, maybe the thrill was gone? I hope not though. I'd like to see him back on. He definitely added spice! I do know that he did tick off the big wigs from time to time though, so who knows for sure?
  4. I really liked it! I'm hoping for a season 2. :-)
  5. I missed this episode and don't have the time to watch it, so bless you for this rundown! Hearing that Tavis went made me so upset that I shrugged my shoulders and then forgot why I did it. lol Thanks again!
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