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  1. Steve has grown socially in this game much to the credit of Vanessa. I have enjoyed the past weeks of Vanessa coaching him - he needed it. I don't hate Vanessa - she has been the best game player even if she is not the most likable. Steve, Vanessa, and JMac are my favorites at this point and would like any of those 3 to win. As I have liked those 3 more and more each week, I am finding the Austwins disgusting. Even though Liz and Austin aren't as gross as Macranda they are running a close second and getting more obnoxious each hour of the day. I hope Austin gets the boot next week.
  2. I've read a few interviews and Andy is still not admitting the extent to which he spewed hate. He claims he may have made a couple of inappropriate statements about Elissa. I've read nothing that implies his ownership of all he showed us that he is !! He tweeted that he was sorry he offended Elissa. I responded that he not only offended Elissa, but he offended America. He acted as if the reporter was lying to him about being fired from his job. He tried to explain that he was hired semester to semester and that he was on break, so he couldn't be "fired". Boy, this guy can twist some words. Maybe he has a future with Faux News.
  3. In another cast Elissa might have been less significant. But with this group, she stood out and earned our compassion for the continuous harrassment and despicable remarks from the mean hg's. I can agree with you yet understand why she is the fave of so many. Of all other hg's this season, she endured through the worst, and behaved in the least disrepectful way while in the house.
  4. LOL. whatcha want Mac? $500 grand or 500 strokes. Wussy made his choice didnt he??
  5. GM would be smart to vote out Spence. Only way she has a chance at F2.
  6. Amanda did seem to have the gift of intimidating people. Maybe Julie was protecting herself from Amanda's wrath.
  7. I say same about psycho meds (ie adderall,xanax). There must be applicants who are more mentally healthy than this group !!
  8. I wonder if this site or any BB fan sites will have follow up info on these last 5 + Amanda repulsive people. They may actally have papparazzi chasing them asking questions like "why are you such a despicable person?". TMZ would do that for sure.
  9. I will vote Ellissa for AFP for all the reasons everyone else has said. Morty (?) or whoever is doing today's live feed recap posted an excellent opening regarding why America will vote for Elissa and he is absolutely right. A vote for Elissa is a vote against these remaining hg's (including Amanda) who have trashed her and her family so violently. As for who I hope to win from this despicable group - GM because she had the guts to put up McCranda and keep the hg's together to vote Amanda out. She does not deserve to win but of these 5, who else has made a big move? Easy answer to that one - no one !! However, odds are GM will go out of the house this week so I really could care less - may not even watch finale.
  10. I think Mac will seriously regret how he spent his time in the BB house. He came in as the most knowledgable player of them all yet he has failed to play until now and it may be too late. He may win by default but not because he deserves it. I believe GM is in pain but she doth injure herself too much. I'm beginning to wonder if she is self injuring - like cutters do - I hate to say that but come on - she has injured herself so much, and notice how most have occurred in the past week. It's weird but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for just being clumsy...... maybe ........
  11. Lazy players Players who don't even know the game of BB Players on meds Players who are socio/psychopaths Players who don't bathe Players who are bullys, bigots, racists, misogynists Players who judge others by unfair standards (like hating on El because she has a good life)
  12. Is half a million enough for BB? Probably - they don't do without necessities like Survivor contestants - they actually have a pretty cushy 90 days in the house. However, half a million is TOO MUCH for any of these final five - none of them deserve a dollar over their stipend.
  13. I don't think it's fair for Elissa or any hg to be judged by how much money they make or have in the real world. Since when is BB supposed to be for poor people only. Yes I love to see someone win when the money will change their life. But on the other hand, those who already have a good life can also put the money to good use. I would like the criteria to be only who plays the best game regardless of income, social standing, race, religion, or gender. Isn't that what BB is all about ??? Elissa paid dearly for the time she spent in the house. Had she been in another cast - no - she probably wouldn't be on the short list for America's Favorite Player. But none of the others deserve anything - not a dime - especially these final five. I would love for CBS to change the game plan and have the winner pick a charity to donate the money to. Spencer - misogynist GM - bully, racist, mean girl MacCrae - lazy sloucher, knows the game but can't find the energy to play it Andy - Rat, Tattler, mean boy, despicable human being Judd - who knows who he is but he definitely has made derogatory comments that are inappropriate Worst group of Finalists ever - I really don't care at this point who "wins". They are all losers in the real world !! No amount of money can change that.

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