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  1. Of the three choices Josh was my pick. He was a pain in the behind a lot of time and very immature but he was used by Paul to cause a lot of the problems. I'm glad he won. I would have liked to see Mark win if he had been in the top three.
  2. I wish the cameras had panned across all the HG when Cody's name was announced. I thought they did that on purpose to shield Paul's face because he had been hurt so bad by losing to dumb ole Josh. Ha! Ha! Paul. He wasn't as dumb as you thought.
  3. I was wishing it was an actual slap in the face.
  4. I wonder if CBS/BB caught enough flack from the viewers that they had to fix it for Paul to lose? Or maybe this was their plan all along. Get the viewers into a frenzy over Paul's advantages and then make him lose. Either way I will take it.
  5. When Josh picked Paul to sit next to him I was yelling "Idiot, you idiot" at the TV. I still think he would have beat Christmas but I so wanted him to evict Paul just to see Paul's face. But I sure did enjoy seeing Paul face when he lost the big game. He sure did not expect that. Then to cop an attitude when talking to Julie. I was glad she basically told him to shut up he was getting $50,000. He is such a sore loser. He was last year also. When interviewed he said he had been robbed. My wish came true. PAUL LOST!!!!
  6. I want to also thank the live feeders. I don't have time to watch the LF and not a lot of desire to do so, but I am SO appreciative to those willing to watch and report to the rest of us what is going on. Every morning I sit at my computer with a pot of coffee and a donut and read the happenings in the house. I was happy to donate to Morty for all the pleasure he brought me. I have enjoyed posting my thoughts on this message board also. See you next season.
  7. I guess there is more than one way to get money from the show. I take it she didn't win that season?
  8. You are SO right. Matt did absolutely nothing the whole season but stay at Raven side, in bed and out of bed. Raven, with all her totally unbelievable lies, at least made me smile a couple of times. I would think, "Girl, how could such stupid stuff come out of your mouth. Do you even listen to yourself?" Not sure how the other HG managed to keep from calling her out on all her lies.
  9. I just want to see the faces of the HG when they learn how they were played all season. If they could also learn that BB had such a hand in it all that would be even better.
  10. I actually started watching BB in the middle of Rachel's time when they kept showing the preview of her coming back into the house saying, "I'm back bitches". I soon learned to dislike her a lot and NEVER liked her again on any show.
  11. I don't understand why they think it is entertainment if they mess with the game. They only thing that accomplishes is it pisses off the fans and probably some of the players. This season I'm not sure the players are upset. I hope they are and they don't vote for Paul to win.
  12. The only one who made me laugh in this house was AT Raven telling all her lies. Now some of these lies were pure entertainment!! No one else even made me smile. Not sure who you are voting for but I am voting for Cody, mainly to stick it to the rest of the pack.
  13. I will be yelling that at my TV but I doubt we will get to hear those words on Wednesday night.
  14. I read this was true the season Aryan (probably spelled wrong, but she was the girl who was racist). Supposedly BB had only handpicked people in the room and they were told not to boo.
  15. OMG!! I hope this is true. I can't wait to see Paul's face if the happens.
  16. Maybe Jeff couldn't stand to be associated with BB this year after he saw how they "fixed" the game is Paul's favor.
  17. I thought, everytime he banged the pots and pans, that the other HG who were laughing and urging him on, must be suffering also. But evidently, it was worth the pain of listening to the noise to watch another person be harassed by Josh. Alex and Christmas were the worst who did this.
  18. He might not be an antisocial jerk if he were playing with someone with just half a brain.
  19. I would also like to see Cody on Survivor. I think he would shine at the comps on that show.
  20. We can only hope that is the case. I can't stand the thought of them making more money by telling all their lies.
  21. He is SO full of himself. I hope he is singing that same song this year.

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