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  1. I like Ben and I liked Lauren. Absolutely can not stand Chrissy. You are right. None of them really ring my bell.
  2. I do too. I kind of liked him at the first but the last two shows I started not liking his ways. Hope he gets voted out soon.
  3. Right now I am pulling for Cowboy (Ben?) and/or Lauren just because. (I can't really come up with a reason) . I definitely DO NOT like Joe and really wish he was the one who went home last night. Glad they mixed up the tribes though. Should make the next few episodes pretty interesting.
  4. I liked what Lauren said at TC also. She got her point across without being hateful and turning others against her. Actually I think she turned them in her favor. I believe beforehand they wanted to keep Patrick, and as you could tell by the smile on his face, he thought so too.
  5. Thanks. I thought I might have missed something in the show, like these players got something special. I knew I didn't see them find idols but just didn't know.
  6. Why are the names of Ben, Ashley and Katrina written in yellow and Jessica's in white and everyone else in black. Does that mean something?
  7. I hope this is as interesting as the Big Brother message boards were. Looking forward to a bunch of posters that I "met" on Morty's BB will be on this one also.
  8. At first I though I never want to see Paul's face again, but then the thought of him coming back for an All Stars game (which he said he would) made me think I would like to see him in this game and be the first one evicted out of the house. Of course, Paul didn't win either time he played so he would not be an All Star!! Maybe I would fit in the BB house. My mean streak has come out big time over Paul, Christmas and Alex.
  9. That's pretty sad. They tried to bribe people to vote for Paul and he didn't even make it into the top three. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. NOT!
  10. I think the best move made in the house was Cody trying to get Paul out first thing, but CBS made sure their little puppet master stayed in the game.
  11. No, don't put yourself down like that. You didn't slap Josh in the face and call him a f---ing idiot so I would say you don't have Paul in you.
  12. That was his way of playing the game. Paul's way of playing the game was to bully some of the people himself and get Josh and others to bully when he didn't want to get his hands bloody. I am happy that Josh won. He has turned out to be nicer than I thought at first.
  13. I think it WAS a blindside but I don't think it was cowardly. Josh was just playing the game. Just like Paul was playing the game when he got all the other people to do his dirty work.
  14. I started not liking Josh when he became such a follower of Paul and Christmas and was mean to Cody, Jessica and Mark. But he began to grow on me a little bit, especially when it got down to the final 5 or 6. I don't think he is nearly as mean as the others, sans Kevin, but he sure does have some growing up to do. I think he basically has a good heart and a conscious. I hope he doesn't blow this money and he can have a successful life. I'm not sure I would have wished that for Paul and Christmas.
  15. Actually I think the win was rigged. CBS/BB must have realized that too many people knew (or thought) that the game was rigged for Paul and at the last minute picked Josh to be the winner. Something to sooth the viewers and it sure did sooth me. I was so happy that Paul lost to Josh. I DON'T think the AFP was rigged. So many people, me included, voted for Cody because they knew it would piss off Paul and most of the other players.
  16. Paul encouraged them to be mean and then stood back and thought he was keeping the blood off his hands. But he was the one who started the shunning process. In my opinion he is a POS and didn't even deserve to come in 2nd. Except for getting to see the look of utter disbelief in his face when he lost to Josh I would have wanted him to come in 3rd. I really don't think the HG would have voted for Christmas. She didn't do anything but get comps handed to her and be mean.
  17. I would like to have these answers also. Is there a way some of these will be made public?
  18. I don't EVER want to see Paul's face on my TV again. Not on BB and not on Survivor or Amazing Race. Although I don't believe he could handle being on the other two shows. His floatie would pop in the jungle.
  19. Paul was so mad that Josh ratted him out like that. I loved it!! Paul is a bitter little man.
  20. When the votes were being read and there were so many for Paul he was smiling big time. Then when it came down to a tie he was in utter disbelieve. Then the BIG surprise Josh won the last vote. I was cheering and yelling, YES, YES, YES!!

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