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  1. I hope this doesn't happen. Kaycee should have voted Tyler off. She may have a problem sitting next to him.
  2. Oh no!! I hope she thinks this through and sees her best move is to get rid of Tyler. I would still hope she would win against him but it isn't a done deal like it would be with J.C. or Angela.
  3. Yes, there did appear to be something fishy in the calm way J.C. acted. That said, I am glad he won HOH and put Tyler and Angela up. I hope Tyler goes to Jury and then J.C. goes next. In a face-off of Kaycee and Angela, Kaycee would win hands down.
  4. I can't wait to see Tyler's face when J.C. nominates him for eviction. As of now, I am pulling for Kaycee to win it all.
  5. I agree, the smart move would be to vote out Tyler. I don't think he could beat Kaycee (and I really think she deserves to win more than anyone else), but could probably beat Angela, not because he played better than her but because no one really likes her.
  6. I hope this is a true rumor. How does the voting go if both Tyler and Angela are on the block. Wouldn't Kaycee be the only vote? If she is smart she would vote Tyler out. I think she could beat Angela very easily since most everyone in the jury house dislikes her.
  7. I liked Angela well enough in the beginning but don't care for her at all now. I agree she is the one to sit beside in Final Two because there is no way those in jury will vote for her. She is pretty mean to Sam (behind her back) and I wish there were some way Sam could win something and get Angela out. I am pulling for Kaycee to win the big prize and for either Sam or J.C. to win 2nd.
  8. I was wondering if production had anything to do with Angela's win. It was quicker than her usual gameplay. It seems to me production wants Tyler to win this game. Yeah, what was up with that?
  9. Hopefully he can do some damage at Jury House. Tyler lied to him because he wants to sit next to Angela at the end. No one likes her and she hasn't done that much. Tyler didn't think he could beat Brett.
  10. -I am so sorry Brett didn't win HOH. He would have put up Angela and Kaycee and sent Angela home.
  11. I don't think Angela is rude, but I do think she is either lazy or feels somewhat entitled because you don't see her doing much housework except a little cooking. Most of the people in the jury don't really like her so she might be the one to sit beside at the end.
  12. I am liking Kaycee more every day. I hope she is in the final two and she wins the money. I'm sure Tyler will want to get rid of her and keep Angela. The people in the jury don't like her and she hasn't done much of anything. I am guessing Kaycee will put up Sam and Haleigh and maybe backdoor J.C. if necessary.
  13. My feelings for Scottie changed after hearing his eviction speech. How crude!! I suspect he will not be on anyone's guest list after the show is over.
  14. I agree about J.C. I didn't care for him at first but have come to really like him. He and Tyler are the smartest people on the show. Fessy is so dense he really thinks he is the only one who knows how to play the game. Can't wait for him to go next.
  15. I wasn't too fond of JC when the show started but he has grown on me. He really is playing better than most anyone else but Tyler. He is controlling Fessy and Fessy is not smart enough to realize it. I hope he goes far in this game.
  16. I actually felt sorry for her last night. Brett was mean to her and she wasn't expecting it. Angela was also mean but Rockstar probably knew she would be. It's kind of fishy that she gave Tyler the right answer in the veto comp and that she picked the wrong answer the next round. Was production involved again??? It is obvious they want Tyler to win it all.
  17. I think Brett made a big mistake being so mean to Rockstar in the "goodbye" segments. After all, she can, and probably will, talk against him in jury and may cost him the game. What he said made good TV but IMHO it hurt his chance to win the game.
  18. I think Hayleigh will put up Angela and Tyler with a possible backdoor for Brett. I just hope one of them wins the Hacker prize and maybe Tyler won't have to use his power.
  19. I thought during the HOH game she just stood there and didn't even try. I really don't think she is that dumb that she couldn't figure out the hashtag.
  20. When I saw that puzzle I thought production was doing their best to keep her in the game. I doubt the same kind of puzzle would have been used for Rockstar. I am SO glad it backfired on production.
  21. I really do like Sam and hope she goes far, but I am still scratching my head over her little speech about the house giving the Hacker to her. I know she said she wouldn't use it but they would be silly to trust ANYBODY at a time like that.
  22. I agree. While I don't especially like Rockstar, she has done much more than Bayleigh. And she is not the bossy snot that Bay is. I would vote for her to stay.
  23. I think you are probably right about production being involved. He does not appear to be "husband material" that the family would approve of.
  24. I laughed myself silly over your description of Rockstar. Has it been posted how she came to have such a silly nickname?
  25. I have to agree with your comments about Rachel. I HATE that fake little laugh she does. I wonder if she act that way in her real life? If so, she must have a lot of people who don't want to spend time around her.

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