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  1. 2 hours ago, BBLurkerPlus said:


    I don't want Jackson to win the game.  He has cheated more than any other player I have ever seen.  But I do like his part in trying to take down what is left of the Six Shooters.  I want to see Christie go Thursday and the rest right in a row.  I hope the other outsiders will finish what Jackson has started.


  2. 4 hours ago, Charmoll said:

    I think BB should have said unless they win the Veto than the third nom stands. Why doesn’t anyone say to Tommy hey if America voted her on and you take her off than America hates you.  No chance at getting America’s favorite player but they may think Cliff already has it.  Ugh i just can’t stand Christie. I mean all the whining about it being unfair she completely changed her attitude once Tommy won the veto she is sooooo fake

    Don't you know it's only fair if someone else beside one of "The Group" is nominated?    Christie makes me sick with the way she has acted this whole game.  I wish Tommy would realize his chances of winning would be better if he let her stay on the block.  She certainly won't have any trouble putting him on the block when the time comes.

  3. 47 minutes ago, CrazyBBFan said:

    Everyone knows Jess is going to make him a have not.  If BB gives him a slop pass during the veto,  I’m done for the season.

    I don't know why they looked the other way when he cheated before but I'm with you.  I will be SO disgusted if they let get away with it again.  I'll bet they won't let her put him on slop.  NOT FAIR!!!

  4. I wonder if Jackson has Prater Willi Syndrone.  That is an eating disorder where the person eats all the time.  Evidently parents have to lock up their food when the kids are younger because they will eat constantly if allowed.  A friends child was thought to have this disease, even though he didn't eat all the time, but it was later proven to be something else.

  5. I'm confused about Christie's POV.  How does it work if she uses it?  I would assume Michie will use his POV to save himself.  Then he couldn't nominate someone else using Christie's POV if he no longer has his.  Or does Christie use her's first and then Michie takes himself off the block as winner of his POV?  I am really drawing a blank here on how this works.

  6. I went from such a high at Jack and Michie being nominated  to such a low on hearing Michie won the veto.  I was so happy Cliff nominated Jack and Michie and that, more than likely, one of them was going home.  Now it looks like they will both be safe and Cliff will be in the hot seat for picking them.  They may not have happy that they were picked but the whole house should see it as a great move.

  7. Christie cannot be trusted and I don't understand why everyone in the house doesn't realize it.  After promising not to say anything about her conversation with Nicole and Cliff she immediately went to the 8 and told them all that way said.  I know it's necessary to lie in this game, but she takes it to another level.  I would love for her to go right after Jack and Michie.

  8. 9 hours ago, CrazyBBFan said:

    There is noway that Jackson will last a week on slop.  He's gonna cheat and eat some food.  He always have late night snacks when everyone sleeping.  

    I hope he does cheat and eat regular food.  And the production would do the right thing and kick him off.  Not sure if they would kick him off or just punish him though.  It would be nice if they punished him and then made him stay on slop another week.  Can't stand this guy.

  9. 1 hour ago, straykat said:

    She's a loose cannon and ha8ful treats her like one. She's not part of the alliance and they give her very limited info but they will take any info she brings to them. She doesn't have a clue as to how to play the game. Jackson still has her thinking he has her back but he is playing her hard. 


    You are so right!!  I feel sorry for some of these people when they get home and watch the show and realize how they were treated by their "friends".  They will feel so silly.

  10. If Cliff lets Jack or Michie influence his picks I will be so upset.  Surely he is not that stupid.  He needs to strike while the iron is hot and the "outside" group can vote the others out one by one just like the Gr8ful have been doing.  I like the idea WOC had when she suggested Cliff tell Christie she needs to save the veto for herself.  I didn't realize she has to win the veto before she can use the diamond veto.  Of course, production will probably make that happen.

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