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  1. Actually the man is He Asked to Date her outside the house its on the live feeds that's how I know that those to saying oh we're just friends is a front
  2. I take that some of Yall don't view the live feeds or read morty's updates Candice had many reason not to trust Spencer. Candice was NOT wrong for going off on Spencer the woman has had enough. Now Helen really is not a true Friend of Candice us feed watchers know that I believe by then Candice just didn't care anymore and just wants to go home. I'm backing Sparkle up on this
  3. I feel like she did a good thing she knew Spencer was doing things behind her back. Spencer didnt understand that Howard did not want to be in that house without Candice he thought he was helping Howard by trying to get people to vote out Candice but changed his tune when Howard said he would self evict Candice is voted out...I for one think Spencer is a pig for they way he talks about the women in the house.
  4. Candice is not pouting she was sitting back trying to figure out what the hell is going on. She knows that Howard could really use that money she has stuck her neck on the line to many times for him. Howard and Candice didnt even start talking game with each other until last week. Candice had always been with Helen and Elissa she thought they were all good. Helen and Elissa stopped talking game with her and Candice told them that just a few days ago. My belief is you can play BB without selling your soul just to make it to jury.
  5. Girl it is bad.....Im so pissed about all of this when Howard leave Candice will truely be alone in that house no has her back Helen betrayed her Her man talking about he got to put out fires he didnt start and he's gulity by assocaition????? Howard MAN THE F*** UP
  6. For the first time ever I actually want to do Howard bodily harm.....Really Howard its like that now huh
  7. Candice and Howard are the only once who have not sold their souls to the devil just to stay in the game until jury. I will continue to watch my showmance between those two until Howard goes home. I just don't like how hateful and nasty this season has become
  8. I can not wait until they find out America indeed votes her nasty ass up there
  9. That's exactly what I was counting on Lmao
  10. Omg I'm going to need someone to slap Candice in the mouth why is she telling Howard about a date she went on with another guy??????? That's a straight up no no unless he asked......but still dang woman
  11. I don't think she would be dumb enough to miss out on this opportunity to get Amanda out while she can if she is the 3rd nom
  12. If Amanda is put up I BELIEVE Helen would seize the chance to vote Amanda out. So Candice Jessie Melissa Helen and maybe Andy or Judd vote her out especially if Amanda goes nuts if she is the 3rd nom. If not Amanda will win the game
  13. I voted 20x for Amanda 10x over my cell and 10x on CBS.com the house is to scared to put her up this well be the only way to get her out unless Candice wins HOH I can not take the volient hateful things she is saying anymore if she stays you might as well just hand her the money That's what I'm counting on for her to go nuts and everyone vote her out
  14. That would be the smartest thing to do or they will never get her out
  15. That man realize how she really felt about him Thursday overnight and Friday morning he wants Candice to trust him that man just proved he would stick his neck out for her. She was crying all day because she knew he was going on the block and just about everyone wants him out. She told him she wants to spend every last min she with him. Man I love this couple
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