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  1. 11:20 PM BBT Beer and Wine delivery. Most of the house gravitates to the KT/DT to drink. A few of the guys poke holes in the side of the can to shot gun the beers. Frank yells for Da'Vonne and Zakiyah to come downstairs for the wine. They save some for Nicole and general cheers all around. Da'Vonne asks if they should wake up Bridgette and they say she's in a dead sleep and Nicole is in the DR. James says they should have played beer pong.
  2. 11:10 PM BBT Paulie and Tiffany at the chess table quizzing each other on comps and things around the house like the departure cities and times they depart. Da'Vonne and Zakiyah in the HOH laying down and watching the tv screen. Cory and Jozea in the Tokyo/Anime room talking about the competition and that it was hard. Cory says it was the least favorite one he's done. Jozea says there was a tube and a spinner. Jozea said he was trying to figure out how Cory got in the tube because he had a hard time getting into it.
  3. 11:03 PM BBT Paul and Bridgette in UKBR talking about Jozea and his paranoia. Paul asking if Bridgette is ok and she can talk to him if she needs someone to listen to. He can tell she's being pulled a couple of directions and he wants to comfort her. Paul says the reason we're in a buddy system is to help each other be less stressed and she should be calm because they have her back. Bridgette said she should be allowed to go upstairs for five minutes without coming down and being accused of flip flopping. Paul tells Bridgette Tiffany came in to the meeting and said Bridgette told them Jozea was having a meeting and Tiffany has been saying things. Bridgette said that's not what she heard and she thinks it's unfair. Paul tells her not to associate him with Jozea's paranoia because Paul is not paranoid its just Jozea. Bridgette says she's frustrated and ready to go to bed and just not deal with it anymore. Paul says he'll grill them and Bridgette says please don't. Bridgette tells Paul not to fix anything for her. Paul tells her not to group him in with the angry men. Bridgette thanks him and says she's going to sleep and asks Paul to flip the lights off as he leaves.
  4. 12:15 AM BBT Bronte selects Victor and dares him to run butt naked throughout the house. Since Michelle is still in her costume from the veto comp, she gives Victor her pixels so he can be covered while he streaks from the WA to the Tokyo BR. (12:17 AM BBT for flashback) Nicole chooses Natalie and Michelle dares Natalie to put Paul's beard in her mouth, but she refuses. They then dare her to kiss Victor and she says no again. Nicole says who do you want to kiss then. She says anyone but Victor. They decide instead she has to lick James' nipple. Which she does. Zakiyah is then dared to kiss Paulie. After much cajoling, and Da'Vonne says just kiss him girl, she leans over and gives him a little peck. They said there's no more alcohol and said the game is over. They tell Victor he's been screenshotted and his backside is all over the internet.
  5. 12:10 AM BBT Paulie selects Bronte and she chooses dare. Paulie dares Bronte to kiss Paul. Bronte doesn't want to kiss Paul and Paul says he is shy. Bronte stands and tells Paulie may I remind you you're up for eviction this week? The tell her just give him a peck. Bronte finally gives in and kisses Paul. Bronte again reminds Paulie he's on the chopping block and Paulie says I'll consider your vote is against me.
  6. 12::00 AM BBT 13 houseguests at the DT with Bridgette asleep and Paul in DR. Frank burps in James' face as a dare. James goes with Cory. Cory goes with Truth. Natalie asks if Cory has ever slept with 2 different girls in 24 hours. He takes time to answer but eventually says yes. Cory selects Paulie. Paulie selects a dare. Cory dares Paulie to take four fiber choice tablets. Jozea gets called to the DR.
  7. 2:55 AM BBT The Fatal Five think they are a strong alliance and will go far. They discuss how it's always guys at the end and girls have never done it. They talk about Jozea, Victor, and Bronte are the first targets. Nicole says they better go to bed in case any of them besides her gets picked for HOH. James comes in and asks if they are still going to have the meeting. Da'Vonne says no because Jozea got tired. Michelle and Tiffany go back downstairs to go to bed. James leaves the HOH and turns the light out. Looks like all HG are now snuggled in their beds.
  8. 2:40 AM BBT Nicole, Da'Vonne, Michelle, Tiffany, and Zakiyah have named themselves the Fatal Five. Bronte is saying they need to stay friendly with the other side of the house in case they do have the numbers. Bronte, Natalie, and Bridgette decide they need to stay away from each other so they can avoid being caught as an alliance. They talk about they need to start being friends with everyone in the house and distancing themselves from the boys. They are talking about befriending Nicole. Natalie says the guys are trying to have all these master plans but you have to take it day by day. They are saying they guys are going crazy. And they said that Zakiyah is getting close to Nicole and goes to HOH a lot. They realize if Zakiyah is on their side they are in trouble. Natalie says she's cooking all the time because it's a good place for to observe. Michelle comes in and the conversations stops.
  9. 2:35 AM BBT Natalie tells Bridgette she thinks Nicole, James, Frank, Paulie, Tiffany, and Michelle are in an alliance. Bridgette is upset because no one on her team will talk to her. Bridgette says it's better for them to stick with the guys if they are going to keep them safe. Bridgette says Frank would talk to her the first few days, but the last couple of days he seems to avoid her and won't talk to her. Natalie thinks it's because Jozea pulled Frank in to talk to him about votes and Frank doesn't want Paulie to go home so he's avoiding all of them. Natalie and Bronte are calling the guys idiots. They are starting to count votes and figuring out they might be in more trouble than they thought. They are trying to figure out if Zakiyah will vote against Paulie.
  10. 2:25 AM BBT Da'Vonne says they need a meeting with the five of them because they are never together. She says they are going to do something that's never been done. She wants to meet with Michelle, Tiffany, Zakiyah, Nicole, and Da'Vonne. She says they can call themselves the spin-offs. Da'Vonne says she's happy to get the eight together. The five previously mentioned and Frank, Cory, and James. She said it almost didn't seem fair but not to get to comfortable. Nicole she wants to do the veto. She wants to see who the other two players are and she wonders how they will pick players for the POV. She says maybe the two original nominees will get to pick a name. They are speculating it will be a spelling competition. James gets called to the DR. Nicole tells Da'Vonne that Jozea said he was a spelling champ. Da'Vonne decides to take a shower after Tiffany.
  11. 2:15 AM BBT People starting to get ready for bed. Bronte took over James' bed so he is looking for another place to sleep. Natalie and Bronte alone again and chattering about the boys again and how annoying they are and it's Big Brother and not the Bachelorette. Bronte is dictating who's sleeping where. She told James he could sleep with Tiffany in her bed and Michelle can sleep in Bridgette's bed. Bronte says Bridgette can't have a guy sleep in her bed and neither can he or Natalie. Natalie says James is the only guy who can come in the room. Da'Vonne is bedding down on the couch in the HOH room and it looks like Zakiyah is going to sleep in Nicole's bed. Da'Vonne fills Tiffany in on the plan they came up with. They are going to target a guy, Jozea, then a girl, Bronte, and go back and forth. Tiffany says she's going to take a quick shower and then go to bed as well.
  12. 2:00 AM BBT Meeting has not started yet. Bronte and Natalie talking in bed. They have figured out Paulie is a pawn because he is not mad at Nicole. They say he wants to play with the vets. They also discuss the guys, meaning Victor, Paul, and Jozea, and how they aren't going to run over the girls. Natalie doesn't want to see the boys dominating the competitions. Bronte says if its a girl and a guy at the end she refuses to vote for the guy. It doesn't matter who the girl is she will not vote for a man.
  13. 1:50 AM BBT James says he's going to fall off. He doesn't want to win HOH. He says he's not the sharpest tool in the box sometimes. They are speculating what the next HOH comp might be. They start talking about Jozea being paranoid and he talks forever. They are talking about Bronte being a target and getting her out. They start talking about their teams and who they picked. Da'Vonne says James picked some players.
  14. 1:40 AM BBT HOH room has Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Michelle, Nicole, and James. They are discussing the meeting that is going to happen soon and talking about James, Nicole, and Michelle hiding and popping out. Nicole doesn't want to pop out, but they are talking about spying from outside. James is talking about hiding and not popping out but he doesn't want to get stuck there if they are there for a couple of hours. They are talking about Michelle being the number one target from Jozea and Paul because they think she's the "roadkill".
  15. 1:14 AM BBT-Flashback-Da'Vonne was alone in HOH with Paul and they were discussing votes. Paul said they have seven votes so they are safe. The other side only has four votes and he thinks they will be scattered two on Jozea and two on Paul. It sounds like Paul has been nominated as a third nominee.
  16. 7:44 BBT Vanessa called to DR. We have FotH and then we go to Jeff reels. Part 2 of the HOH comp?
  17. 12:13 AM BBT: Steve says he has to win next HOH. "I've only won two. That will be my third one." Steve then mumbles Liz is going to be so ticked off. I really think Liz will be ticked. He mumbles they made a mistake trying to get me out this week. They made this deal with John to get me out this week. I'm in such a good spot and out Austin goes. He mumbles something about conflicting final two deals. Then says "if that's what I have to do, I'll do it. I came to win, and when I said I would do whatever I had to do to win, I will do whatever I have to do to win this game. He mumbled something about swearing on his mom, he'll do it. Because I said I will do whatever I have to do to win this game. I want to bring this $500,000 home to my family, I want to make my moms life better, and you know what, lying or swearing on her name has no effect on her. She will in now way be harmed, or hurt, or any way negatively effected by me lying on her name. No negative effect. Non. So yeah bring home $500,000. I mean like I came in here to be a lying player. I had no intention being honest with anyone. Honesty and integrity and morality are not a part of my game, at all. They play a huge role in my day to day life, I don't live life doing things like this. I would never, but in this game, in the context of this game of Big Brother, I was going to do whatever I had to do to win. And if the world doesn't like that I'm sorry. I wanted to win. Sorry.
  18. 12:12 AM BBT: Steve thinking out loud again. "Cause I can beat him (Jmac). He has no HOH wins. Literally every single juror, except Meg, was head of household at some point. Literally, every single juror except Meg. And I know he has more comp wins, but I think I have what is your biggest strategic move. John hasn't made any big moves that he made. There are two things that really sold me on taking John where he didn't have any big moves that he made and he was never HOH, ever. He was never head of household, and no one will ever see me as stabbing anybody in the back. I have to cover my bass, have as many layers around me as possible, and get as many people to trust me as possible. My HOH, didn't want it. Did not want to do it. I didn't have any intention of being head of household, unless I really felt I needed it until like final six. I'm so thrilled I was able to win those three comps. Wow, I'm talking to my self really elaborately".
  19. 12:09 AM BBT: Back to Steve in the BY pacing and still thinking out loud. First, Steve starts practicing his eviction speech. "Um, I really don't have anything new to say that I haven't already said." Then he mumbles that he's used up all the good stuff for his previous eviction speeches. Then Steve switches to, "I wish I had something new to say, but unfortunately I don't. So thank you for a great fun summer. If I go tonight I'm just thrilled I got fifth place." He then switches to an absolutely unforgettable summer and he loved it. Then he checks his laundry and says this was a rare occasion when spencer got to vote,
  20. 12:03 AM BBT: Steve outside doing laundry and pacing and thinking out loud. Steve "I mean I'm in the bottom. Which is fine, and it's fine to be at the bottom of the totem pole of a five person alliance, when you know there's fourteen people on the house. However, when there's only five left, that's a terrifying position!" Then we get mumbling and FOtH. Steve lays in the hammock and starts talking about people who didn't sign releases, so we get FotH again. All cameras go to the kitchen where Austin is offering Liz, green tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Liz says no. Austin asked Liz if she'd like to go see Christmas lights and drive around. She says yeah with you. Liz goes off to bed saying she'll keep it warm for him. Austin finishes eating the steak and eggs he cooked.
  21. 10:15 PM BBT Jmac says you think? Vanessa asks you think Steve is a big target? Jmac say for us? No. Vanessa also says no. Jmac says not in these competitions no. Vanessa says Austin's a big target get. Like, I mean, at the end of the day, as much as I am friends with him and I want him to stay it's asinine and stupid. Here's why: even if you can guarantee you can get to final 3 more often doing whatever kind of deal you come up with or whatever it is you can finagle you're going to get to final, there's no way around this part, you're going to get to final three fifty percent of the time with a couple. Which means that you have to win outright. And that's, the odds are against you. Whereas in the other situation I'm in the same exact spot, you see that right? In the other situation we at least have arguments we can make to each other. Like something can be done, you see what I'm saying, it's not a total, it's stupid. Like how did I not think of this before? Like the fact that you actually have to win half the time....I was only thinking about the part getting to final three. Now the part about it, if you actually want to do that you have to F'in win?"
  22. 10:15 PM BBT: Vanessa comes out of HOH and looks down on Steve and Jmac talking. Vanessa asks Jmac if he wants to finish their talk they didn't finish earlier. Jmac says sure he wants to listen to Moby. Steve says he's gonna do laundry and Vanessa says yeah you should because we don't know when we're gonna get closed in and next time it might be for good. Steve says don't say that to me, I'm not going to think about it, it's too scary. 10:15 PM BBT Jmac is not even settled when Vanessa starts. Vanessa, "Come into my lair. So I'm ready to do something crazy. I just want to do something crazy. I want to make a big move. I'm tired of doing everything F'in predictable. And this cumbiya BS. Like literally, let's leave our mark on Big Brother history, let's do something no one has F'in done this season, we're gonna blindside someone and I want to do it in a big way. Like, we need to anyways we need to like be able to say to jury like F like this is what we did. Like we took down a big target and I mean quite frankly, Steve's not it."
  23. 1:58 PM BBT Jmac is going to shower and launder and Austin and Liz chat in the kitchen about Steve. Austin says his speech is going to be insane, he hopes he goes second. Liz said it won't top mine though. Austin says it's going to be insane like I'm going to do what you're supposed to do in these speeches and tell them why they should vote him out and not me. Liz says yeah that's true. Austin says its time for the boy to become a man and pay for his lies and the betrayal of everyone in his room. Liz says Omg I can't wait, I'm super excited and it's not going to be live. Austin says you can't hide behind your mommy, you can't act like a toddler you have to pay for what you do. Liz says baaaabe. Austin shrugs says it's true and Liz says it'll be another TV moment for you so like own it. Austin says that's all I care about and I get to be romantic for going on the block for my babe so I like that and keeping you safe. So as long as it goes ok everything is a win. Liz says thanks! And Austin kisses her and says it's the least I can do cause you're so special and sweet and lovable and sexy. Liz says thank you again.
  24. 1:47 PM BBT: Liz asks Jmac what he though of Jason, she's just curious. Jmac says ummm he didn't have anything against him. Jason didn't do anything to him until he had to run his campaign to stay. Liz says oh right, but even so I didn't hear anything he said about you. Jmac says Jason went to Shelli and clay and told them Becky and Jmac were throwing them under the bus. Liz says wowwww, he was a little weasel that one. Liz says he never tried to campaign to her. Jmac says Jason campaigned to John saying Becky was throwing Meg, James, and Jmac under the bus. Jmac says was like yeah because she's working with me. Jmac says he almost felt like he didn't have to talk game the first week because they talked outside so much about non game stuff that he didn't think Jason would want him to go home even if he did nominate him. Austin says he nominated Jmac with Becky right away. They didn't waste anytime going after that power couple. Jmac says no they probably created it because once they were nominated they hung out to figure out what they were goin to do. 1:49 PM BBT: Liz says yeah she didn't think they were friends until a little while in. Jmac says yeah at least a week or two. Jmac says but then after we did the prom night thing everyone started calling us a showmance so we thought we shouldn't be hanging out so much. Liz chiming in with oh yeses.liz says hey we're so cute together. Liz really liked Becky. 1:52 PM BBT: Liz asks what do you want for dinner. Austin suggests tip irked burgers and Liz says stop it. Austin suggest chicken and no response, they are going to do tuna for lunch.
  25. 1:46 PM BBT: Johnny Mac in kitchen with Liz and says where's the fun dip when you need it. Liz giggles and says you mean the crack. Liz says live feeders don't even give us stuff anymore, what the heck. Jmac says there's only five of us, we might be boring. Liz says yeah they're over it. Jmac says live feeds might be dead. (If only they knew...) Jmac say would Jason still watch feeds at this point? Liz said no IS Jason watch feeds at this point. Austin chimes in from the stairs that Jason is a glutton for punishment. Jmac says yeah? Austin says yeah. Liz says what does that mean? Austin says it means he likes punishing himself or torturing himself by watching what could have been him.
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