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  1. I couldn't agree more about casting BB fans. It's so disappointing when reading their bios and seeing they don't even watch the show. I can't imagine how many people who are actual die-hard fans who would have loved a chance to play. And because they are big fans of the show they would know how to play the game and would realize that the live feeds are watching all the time, then maybe there wouldn't be so many nasty tirades and hateful comments.
  2. Everytime I think about the final five I can't remember who that fifth person is... It's Andy. He seems like a nice person but is so completely forgettable. What a floater and what a disappointment it would be if he made it to the final two.
  3. It is possible to play a cut-throat game without personally attacking and bullying other houseguests. Just one example is Dan from BB10, he had strategy and was actually quite brutal once his "laying low" strategy part of the game was over. But he never made fun of their appearance, attacked their parenting or denigrated their religious convictions and he won his season in a unanimous vote. A cut-throat but clean game CAN be accomplished if you take out the personal and remember that it is just a game after all. Amanda talks about Elissa like Elissa killed her puppy or stole her date to prom. The only person to be as abusive to other houseguests as Amanda is in this season was Evel Dick from BB8 but at least he was upfront with the people he abused. When the victims of his attacks received barrages of insults from him, they saw them coming and he said things to their faces. You may not agree with his tactics but at least he was honest. He didn't do all the talking about people behind their backs or the fake butt-kissing like she does. Amanda's words against Elissa speak to her character. Does Elissa have a joker face? Um, yeah, a little bit but calling other people out on personal stuff isn't game play or strategy. It's just mean. It's too bad that Amanda doesn't have the emotional maturity to play the game without being a teenage bully. After all, this is just a game.
  4. I find it hilarious that in one of Amanda's DR sessions she talks to the camera (and to America) like we are rooting for her showmance. FYI Amanda... We're not. I know BB isn't all about winning competitions but c'mon girl! You gotta win something more than ONE veto. Look at past seasons, winners have played social games AND won competitions. It's like she thinks that her amazing social game (which I hate to say anything nice about her so just know that stung) entitles her to act like the queen of the house. When you start to feel safe in BB and like you are running the house, you go home. This is truly where I think her chance at winning decreases but with any luck she will be in the jury house next week. Fingers crossed! By the way, I can't believe GM was the only player with the stones to put these two up. That girl is either crazy like a fox or just crazy. I'm leaning towards GM just being plain crazy. Either way, THANK YOU GM!
  5. RT @ReFashionista_: Time to Pay it Forward! http://t.co/o4rcP1XsD2

  6. That was my favorite part of the whole show tonight! The tone of Julie's voice said it all. Aaryn is in for a real surprise when she gets out of the house. Damage control much?
  7. You reap what you sow. She has been nasty and hateful towards others and it's coming back to her. Bullying is a hot topic today and watching an adult bully other adults for petty reasons seems to evoke strong reactions from people.
  8. I think Howard is playing a sleeper game thus far. He's laying low, not being too strong of a player but focusing on his social game which is what gets you votes with the jury. To get to the end he will have to start winning but I think for now he is doing a great job. I loved hearing him speak about Aaryn and her racist tirades tonight. He handled things a lot nicer than I would have. How hard must that have been for him to not call her out?! I think his game has been classy and low-key and I hope he makes it to the end.
  9. His obsession really is over the top. I would LOVE to see the fall out if Elissa stayed. Fingers crossed! I can't wait to see his big turd sandwich butt leave the house so I don't have to watch him anymore.
  10. Jeremy went against his alliance last week by voting to keep David after the Moving Company plainly stated to him that they were getting rid of David. Why are they still working with him after that? I've seen alliances break down for lesser offenses than that. I've read on the live feed updates that Jeremy is going around bullying the other members of the MC to do things his way and acting like King Crap of Turd Mountain. They need to get it together and kick his douchey behind out if they want to have a chance at a successful alliance.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I loathe Aaryn but her asian tirade in the kitchen was mostly stolen from comedian Angelah Johnson and her "nail salon" stand-up routine which has 30 million views on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsWrY77o77o All of this talk about her being "young" and that excusing her behavior is ridiculous. I was her age once too and I never would have done that, (because I'm not a horrible racist/homophobic bully) especially knowing that my every movement was being recorded. While it's unfortunate for her that she lost her modeling contracts because of her actions is no one's fault but hers.

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