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  1. How can one person be so dang lazy? He seems like it is even a struggle for him to talk without getting worn out. Such a shame because if he wasn't so lazy, had better hygiene, and never hooked up with Amanda he probably would have been a fan favorite this season.
  2. Everytime Amanda cries and says "I don't understand, Elissa was so mean to all of you" I die laughing!! I used to think GM was the delusional one, but Amanda takes the cake!
  3. I know! I would have never thought I would be happy GM won! The more we see her interact with the mature people in the house, the more we get to see a part of her that we can root for.
  4. She has driven me nuts for so many weeks , but I hate to admit it but the past few days she is growing on me... Never expected this to happen but I am starting to understand her personality better.
  5. I think Julie's interview was exactly what the viewers needed after such a controversial season. I really don't think Aaryn knows any better and doesn't think she did anything wrong. The truth hurts and I really think she will learn and grow from all of this. I don't think the rest of the exit interviews will be this dramatic. Lets face it, GM would probably commit suicide right on stage if she is drilled like that. As a woman, The c word doesn't really bother me. I could care less because its a general term like b**ch. however gay, racial and ethnic terms are much worse because people are born that way and its hurtful. If someone is called a c or a b it refers to how they act and not how they were born.
  6. What are the rules of the comp? It got cut off at the beginning.
  7. How is saying "If you don't do what I tell you to, I will slit your throat!" not threatening?
  8. Would you let McDirtbag handle your pizza? NO! Would you buy a house from DeManda? NO! Would you hire Aryan as a midget model? NO! Would you let the insane stalker GM run your Honey Boo-Boo pageant? NO! Cause I hate HBB... Would you take a class with Professor Snake Andy? Yes Would you hire J-U-Double Dee to appraise your home? Hell Yes! Judd is sexy! Would you trust Spence with your model train set (or with your kids?) NO! Would you take a yoga class with instructor Elissa? Absolutely!
  9. Yeah Amanda would have screamed and cried and hid behind the trash (or McNasty as they both equally smell the same) and probably would have it all end in a violent rampage.
  10. I am sure someone told her that Elissa's plan was to backdoor Amanda. It didn't work because Amanda miraculously wins the Veto comp. Now Amanda is back to her cocky, bullying attitude and Elissa is the target. Elissa handled it a lot better than I would have!
  11. I can't believe some people are not understanding this brilliant move? If McRae wins he will take himself down, Amamnda goes up, and either Aaryn or Amanda go home...Big plus there. If Elissa or Aaryn win, either Amanda or McRae go home....big plus there. If Amanda by some miracle wins, then still a good chance Aaryn goes hom depending on the replacement nom (very unlikely situation)...Best move BY FAR in this game and people are still complaining?? HA
  12. Oh gosh now that McNasty is on the block he will be depressed and maybe not shower all week. He is already looking more gross than usually tonight. Hopefully there will be water comp soon.
  13. I agree...loving her game play and how she has figured everyone out. She is the only house guest deserving to win this horrible season! I just heard her tell Judd that the REAL plan is to get Aaryn off the block and put up Amanda in her place. I really kind of thought that was her plan, but she just wasn't telling anyone. It may have been a mistake to tell Judd though...hopefully it all woks out.
  14. So Amanda gets ANOTHER yeast infection and she says it is because they wear swimsuits all day? HMMM...probably doesn't have anything to do with her having sex with McNasty all the time?? Then she proceeds to tell everyone how horny she is?? This woman is just plain disgusting!
  15. 1. McRae not showering, or even worse Amanda kissing all over him after she tells him how bad he smells. 2. GM's nasty mouth, her constantly talking about her delusional relationship with Nick, and her wanna be gangster attitude. Oh and her eating habits, smacking lips is pretty annoying as well.
  16. Big Brother AU also has a much better house to go along with all the above differences.
  17. First year I have be able to watch BBAD, and I have gained 10lbs due to my addiction to frozen pizzas at midnight.
  18. I like Elissa. She is a much better person than Amanda, GM, and Aaryn combined. She is very smart and sees through all the BS. If she would just follow her instincts, because she is so spot on about what is really going on in the house.
  19. 1.Which Juror would you want back at this point Candice, Judd, or Jessie ? Judd 2.Predict something one particular hg's will do on the show tonight ..... Andy will do his little wave and say "Hi Julie!!" 3.Who would you rather see evicted next Helen or Amanda or someone else? McCrae
  20. No doubt! They sit there and say crap like how smelly each other is and how there skin feels nasty...NEWS FLASH...daily showers would solve those issues. Then they are having sex with each other??? Really makes me wanna puke and I have to fast forward anytime the cameras are on them so that I don't.
  21. Yeah same here. I just don't get it or is this how people just act now? They are constantly singing, talking about stuff they shouldn't, taking an hour to go to DR...basically just ignoring all the rules and doing whatever they please and being disrespectful. I would like to see BB start punishing them for breaking/ ignoring the rules instead of warning them every minute of the day.
  22. This is the first year I have been able to watch BBAD because it is on TVGN. I have a question about DR. Why can't they go in looking however they want (ex: Aryan last night with her makeup from Andy) and WHY do they take an hour to get ready to go in? I would never do my makeup at midnight just for a diary room session. Are they told they have to look their best or what?
  23. I would have been a goner a long time ago then. Playing the game is one thing, but to say something that extremely ignorant and so hurtful to a house guest as they are already leaving out the front door is a whole other thing. I know karma has already gotten her outside the house, but its time for the house guests inside the house to stand up to these ignorant jerks. Only problem is the nice people keep leaving...soon to be only the racist, bigot, ignorant trash left. I did enjoy Candice's stab at her about Nick.
  24. Poor Judd...what a shame. He was one of the decent people that I really enjoyed watching. I guess I am left with Team Andy and Team Elissa.

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