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  1. Showing my age a bit but does it bother anyone else that these house guests don't know how to play cards??? OMG...I would be playing euchre all night. Never thought cards would be a back in the day thing.
  2. Exact same for me...except I am one of the few people that don't really mind Andy too much. I guess it's because he reminds me of a friend I had in college. He backstabs everyone but everyone knows and no one minds cause he is not that bad to hang out with. You never trust him, but in the same sense you don't value him enough to care.
  3. Oh my GM...I was beginning to like you just a little and then you go off and say nasty things about Elissa's child. Thank you Judd for not putting up with it and saying something to her. Just about finished with them all...go Judd is all I have left!
  4. Please let it have been the wine talking last night and she sleeps on it and its not true. If it is I think I am finally done ad apologize to all those conspiracy theorists I didn't believe. I would say I would just quit now and only watch BB Australia, but after what happened there yesterday I scratch that idea. Ugh
  5. This picture reminds me of the movie 42 where the racist Phillies coach was made to pose with Jackie Robinson to pretend he wasn't racist. "Let's hold a bat so we don't even have to touch" SMH
  6. Not to defend the term but I highly doubt GM has any clue that she shouldn't say Mexicans. When I first moved tithe south I didn't know what was p.c. And I called the blacks the colored people (thinking that was ok to say) and you can imagine I got an earful!
  7. I think Judd is pretty damn sexy
  8. Was anyone else cracking up last night watching GM pour her Diet Coke while talking with McRae?? Did she think she was doing shots? I am sure it was a nerves thing but it was quite comical. I wish she wouldn't have said such nasty things cause I really could have liked her.
  9. I watched the live feeds until late and didn't ever hear that. As of late late last night Spencer was still going up as the pawn.
  10. I think Judd said it best last night, if they based the house guests on need alone, they would just fill it up with people who really need the money. It shouldn't matter if you need it or not as to who wins. Elissa is just talking about her life just like the rest of them do as general conversation. Just because she is better off financially then the rest she shouldn't talk about it???
  11. Good point and I also live in the south. Sorry if I offended you, as certainly wasn't my intention, just that I see "Spencer's" everywhere and am used to his type of behavior.
  12. I really don't think Julie has say in what she asks...I imagine everything is written for her and pre-approved.
  13. ^^^^ Totally agree BTW:...didn't you hear that Elvis was still alive, 9/11 was a hoax and that the Holocaust never happened?? I just love conspiracy theories...at least they make me laugh!
  14. She did give McCrae some and Judd some...but Judd traded his to McRae for a couple smokes. Elissa asked her for a glass and she said "I didn't have any for the past two days...so no" Then she proceeded to stand up and pour a little more into McRae's glass. Once again Elissa handled it like a champ, while Amanda kept staring at her and wanting her to say something.
  15. I have heard Amanda being called Amazon woman and that is what McRae calls her and he supposedly loves her. I will call them the McNasty or McDirty because they are both have such poor hygiene issues, but that is a choice they make, not how they were born. Well I guess if you feel she looks like a duck because she had work done on her lips, that's your opinion. I just don't see it.
  16. I bet those calling her duck face have the most perfect body/face themselves!
  17. I think with all the restrictions on what they can wear he just went out and got a bunch of funny clothes to wear. I really enjoy his mismatching and Gymboree style!
  18. No he was a smoker. I heard him and Judd talking and Judd said he only had a pack left and McRae had like 11 packs left.
  19. Judd and Spencer both said they were going to fight hard for it. Andy is the only one who said he wasn't going to and I believe if GM knows this and one of them come down, he will go up as the pawn for not trying.
  20. Have you people never been to the south? Spencer is a typical foul mouth,beer drinking, truck driving red neck. There are millions of Spencer's out there. With that being said, I like how he put aside his early homophobia and is now best buds with Andy, and he shows many signs of caring for people in general. I don't mind him and I can get past his foul mouth.
  21. Never mind I found the duck face comment on another thread...that's pretty lame and juvenile. Who started that?
  22. Yeah I don't get the duck references either. What does this even mean??
  23. Poor little lamb...I think even when Nick totally blows her off after the show she still won't get it.

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