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  1. BB 15 hasn't been a total disappointment. Who knew TVGN had such good movies on all day??
  2. Did anyone catch Spencer reading his letter from home? Was that a new one and if so how did he get it? Just curious.
  3. I read that about the baby. So very sad. Prayers for that sweet little baby.
  4. No, of course not, because they deny there is a problem. It is a mental disorder like others have said.
  5. The lack of proper nutrients causes the hair to be fragile. I had a friend in school that suffered from bulimia..luckily she got the help she needed in time thanks to teachers, coaches, and friends intervening and letting her parents know what was going on.
  6. After watching BBAU for the first time this year, I realized just how pathetic the US BB house is. Definitely time for a big change ( who would want to clean it up after this group anyways) and a bigger pool that the HG actually could enjoy would be nice.
  7. Wait...what did Judd say that was racist? I haven't heard anything about him.
  8. Sorry didnt watch BBAD or live feeds for any other season so I can only comment on what I have seen this season.
  9. You are very right...they do deserve it for letting the racists stay in the house. Good point.
  10. My favorite was after the mattress flipping incident when Amanda was standing in the doorway putting Aaryn in her place. Probably one of the last times during the season that I liked Amanda.
  11. Now straight men can't be friends with and care about gay men or they want them and are secretly gay or bi??? SMH
  12. Unless you have multiple identities and were signed in as someone else and making those remarks, I see know where that it was directed at you at all.
  13. Thank you MLaw, but I did watch The Talk as well...it's just apparent that others here didn't and just want to say nasty half-truths about Julie Chen without educating themselves with enough information to make an intelligent comment. Bashing, racism, bullying is not just confined to the BB house.....
  14. Sounds like McRae and Spencer on the block and GM won POV?? Anyone know for sure?
  15. On a light note...my dad was wearing an Andy shirt tonight when we went out for dinner. I made a crack at it, but not being a BB watcher he didn't get it...but it was very Osh Kosh to say the least!
  16. Did you watch the talk? Is that what you took from it or is there a lot more to the reasoning she had the surgery?
  17. I don't know if they have live feeds, but the show is on every weekday night, so there is a lot of coverage. This is the first year I have watched it, but it has been on for a while. I really like it...lots of great personalities and it is different from US because they nominate six houseguests each week ( they are prohibited from discussing who they are nominating at any time) an then the public votes to save their favorite player and the one with the least saves leaves. The have some comps for food and nomination super powers and such.
  18. They are all on YouTube. They are on episode 39 though I think so it may take a while to catch up, but well worth it!
  19. Spot on. Thank you. Moms are allowed to follow their dreams and have a little fun as well!(although the fun aspect was ruined) Also...what mom wouldn't cry when missing their family?!? It wasn't about being regretful, just sadness from missing important moments in a child's life. I worked many years at summer camp where parents sent their kids for 8 weeks. Many had birthdays and such. I am sure the moms cried missing their kids, and the kids got homesick, but in the end all was fine and they returned for another great summer year after year.
  20. It wasn't bad enough that this season has sucked so bad that no one wants to watch it, but now the past week or so of reading mostly disgusting posts and nasty pictures on these threads has totally ruined the whole thing for me. Yes...people like those in the house really do exist in everyday life, just look around here.
  21. I am not a GM fan, but to say she is not as injured as she is acting? I think it's just the opposite. She is acting pretty darn tough with a broken toe and nine stitches in her knee.

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