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  1. Ok I am on the website and see nothing but questions from viewers...what am I missing?? Never mind they postponed it til 11:45
  2. I agree (surprise...lol) we agree on something?!?
  3. I think so also but would like GM to go to get some much needed $$$ Yeah there is Freddy!
  4. Thank you so much for the updates! It was my first summer off in a long time and it made it enjoyable, even if the season was bad. Wishing good health and a great offseason to all.
  5. Hmmm...yuck...but I guess if you need it done better to have a friend do it?
  6. It wasn't about YOU and it was in another thread that I read the classless remarks. I see one has already been deleted and the other is still there. Sorry for the confusion and have a nice off season everyone.
  7. Oh please elaborate...I must have missed whatever you are talking about
  8. Will is going to be the moderator of the jury tonight...should be great. Can't wait!
  9. Thank you and you are correct. The classless remarks about giving to asick baby are sad. I also give to big charities, but the point I was saying was that there is a benefit of giving to the individual as well because ALL the money gets to them and not a percentage spread around. OMGosh once again people take things out of context and think I am referring to something or someone I am not!! Glad this is the last day. I enjoyed the live feeds and sometimes rational discussions, but just like anything, it only takes a few to ruin the whole thing.
  10. Pretty sure it's about a very sick little baby in case you forgot. And while general large charity groups are nice, only a percentage of your money actually gets to the patients. That is why I prefer to give directly to individuals ( whether it be friends, family, friends of friends, or even to someone that we admired for a couple seasons on BB). But to each their own, just wish people would remember an innocent child is sick and show a little class, but some just don't have any so that is probably too much to ask.
  11. Thanks! I was hoping they would be on TV though...I hate watching things on the computer.
  12. I know...I was so wishing I could be in the house right then and say some things they conviently forgot!
  13. Are they going to be live on TV or just an Internet stream?
  14. Oh my....( so much else to say but what's the point...some people still won't get it). Prayers for Tilly
  15. I have participated in St. Baldrick for several years as a shavee, and as a woman that is not easy, but that doesn't mean I didnt send some into this cause as well. i try to help out personal and general cases as I can. I am glad people are donating to whatever they feel is best to honor little Tilly.
  16. Wow...cold...SMH...but if you read it, it is not her doing it and if she doesn't accept it, it will be donated to charity.
  17. It didnt go to commercial for the bed flipping incident??? I read this and went back to watch that part and BBAD at my house was on comer coal for it and I never saw it. What were they saying about it that's was untrue?
  18. There is a site setup to donate to help with any expenses for the family. #prayfortilly http://gogetfunding.com/project/pray-for-tilly#/project_details
  19. Soooo boring...reminds me of the Survivor episodes that are Thanksgiving week that suck...argh
  20. AWESOME!! Thanks for finding this and sharing the link.
  21. Yes and unless you have "cancer" insurance most of it is not covered. I am sure there are millions of kids that need help and our family tries to support any that we hear need help when we can. It's what you do.
  22. Someone should start a fundraiser on Indiego or somewhere to help with medical expenses.

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