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  1. Of course every year they get together and put all their differences aside (at least most of their differences) and actually vote for the person who they think actually played the best game. They will be amazed at how Andy was able to pull the wool over their eyes for the ENTIRE game. LOL
  2. The good ole boys will get rid of GM once McCrea is out. UNLESS, she wins next POV and HOH.
  3. Well, I may be the only one sad to see her go - but there it is! The others that are left will be very boring. It could be a little more interesting if McCrea would have kept Elissa and put Andy up. Now he is by himself and will have to win POV to stay. Of course, he probably will do just that. Otherwise, it will be Spencer and Andy in the F2. UGH. I am done with this show for this season.
  4. WoW, Judd is really bashing Elissa. WTH? He is as much a jerk as the others. All the name calling, etc.
  5. I just can't get over the way these idiots always bash (and seriously bash) the person that gets evicted! Ugh. Spencer will not win because he really hasn't done much in the game except be a pawn.
  6. Unfortunately, I have to sadly agree with GreatSaltLuke! At this point, Andy has everyone fooled and he is playing the best game in the house now. He is still there and he assisted McManda in getting other targets out and now he is sitting pretty with Amanda out and McCrea with one foot in the door. I think if he makes it to F2, he will win.
  7. I am so disappointed in stupid McCrea. He is gone next. Then GM and then Judd. The two floaters will be F2. I am seriously considering being done with this season. I really don't care who gets what anymore. And yes I am a cry baby because the person I liked didn't go further. Boo Hoo.
  8. He was totally throwing it! The rest of his alliance should be able to see that, but then with that group, you never know. LOL
  9. He is one of my choices to go to F3-2.
  10. Amanda just can't stop trying to bully people! Geez, she should realize by now that GM will not back down from her. LOL
  11. Totally agree Slimcruz! Unfortunately, the flip isn't going to help her at all.
  12. GM doesn't back down from Amanda! Love that in her anyways.
  13. I still like her best even though she flipped to McCranda side this week.
  14. Gingersnaps, Is there anyone in the house you like? LOL
  15. The veto comp sucked! No one could beat Amanda? really? Of course, they both had to fight each other at the end. Hmmmmm, I guess that makes amends with the other idiots who could not win ONCE! Really? OMG. Of course Andy threw it obviously. Oh yeah, this is McCrea thread.Ya, he did win. Ya, Ya , he did throw up. Yep he did cry.
  16. Wow, they really played up the couple thing tonight. Could not believe that NOT ONE of the OTHER group could Amanda out, really? That is why she needs to go. She can fight to win when she needs to. BUT, on the other hand, it was great to see them two compete against each other. LOL
  17. Sorry Marty, certainly didn't mean to offend you! Elissa's thread is full of people who make fun of her looks and her play and to me that seems to be hating on her. Now, I am with you on the Amanda living the house. YIPPEE!
  18. Soooo happy she is still leaving. Elissa may be smarter than all the haters are saying. She will have McCrea on her side at least after Amanda leaves since Andy's disloyalty will come out.
  19. GM will go shortly. The boys won't keep her.
  20. Did I miss that Misha? I was sooooo hoping he would believe Elissa and they go forward. The last thing I read was that he told Andy to blame it on Elissa if it goes "south" Thursday. Makes me feel better! Thank you.
  21. I think Elissa is MUCH prettier in person than her BB picture! Her picture has to be one of the worse in the house compared to what they look like in person. I do not like the fact that Elissa may be working to keep Amanda, but if it keeps her in the game a little longer, I'm still with her. LOL (I know, I said otherwise earlier). What bothers me is that McCrea is telling Andy to blame the vote on Elissa if it goes south Thursday. WTH? McCrea will know that Andy is the flipper right?
  22. I think it was genuine because he also said in DR how bad Amanda was acting and he didn't like it.
  23. After the horrible things Amanda did to her, she has got to be out of it! Geez, I can only hope this is all ruse to make Amanda feel some hope and then knock her down on her way out the door! I just cant stand another week of Amanda.

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