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  1. I agree. IMHO, I do not believe that Frank will try to avenge anything once Boogie leaves. I may be wrong but he seems fairly intelligent and should realize (when he is released from the Boogie Spell) that he once was a likable guy to others in the house and that he can and has won comps. I don't want him to win, but I can see it happening. Wonder if he will too? To try to avenge Boogers demise, to me, would be the BIGGEST dumb BB move in the history of the game. (yes even bigger than Marcellus)
  2. You know I had general dislike for MB, but in the love to hate em kinda way. Same as Evil Dick and Dani (cray cray), they make for good shouting at your TV. But MB and BB will have crossed the line if they allow or air Boogie saying anything to Joe on live TV about his children. I already think Boogie is despicable for saying that he is gonna use talking about his kid to Brit to play on her maternal heartstrings. This guy is not the villainous character of before. He is now an old, cranky, washed up, has been who needs to go home.
  3. Poor Ian, stuck in the hammock with her, answering her pathetic questions to get attention. Who would America pick: a better body, me or Janelle, Jani. What about me or Ashley, Ash. Well who is smarter me or Britney......ackward silence.....uh Brit. Lol
  4. Did anyone else notice her slip up talking to Dan last night on BBAD? They were discussing how jealous she thinks Shane is over her relationship with Dan, and she mentions her husband....Dan: Husband? Crazy: oh I mean my fiance, but it was just like we were married. We had joint bank accounts. Can you believe he had me paying credit card bills that he told me were for school, but were really for another woman? This girl is amazingly crazy...fascinating to watch. But does Dan not suspect that she is slightly off her rocker?

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