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  1. Does anyone know why the house, or at least Sis, is so upset with her?
  2. Can anyone tell me why Sis is so mad at Nicole? What did I miss??
  3. Ridiculous as it may seem... since not everyone becomes completely CONSUMED by BB every summer...but the tweets that are shown right before each show's commercial break irritate me always...when it is showing surprise or excitement over something I know happened two or three days ago...
  4. I call major BS. I'm not buying it. She is a GOOD actress. I think its all for the camera and hell give her a show, i'd probably watch it. But she needs to exit screen right this Thurs. So over her.....
  5. Are we watching the same Amanda? Had she put them both up, Amanda jus would have started the torture earlier. Really didnt matter and Elissa knows this. She wanted to be remebered for a great backdoor and it didnt work. She still knows its a strike against the four. Aaryn is the next best option.
  6. if I hear him say ONE MORE TIME, I don't know, no one talks game to me... And no one calls him on it...I may just commit my own showacide. This funny little fella (and not haha) is driving me bananas!! Had to turn the feeds off last night...got some work done... quote name="MadMarty" post="809369" timestamp="1377289738"] Tellus how you really feel Marty!!!
  7. How funny when she sobbed that if she (Elissa) refuses jury, then I'm losing a vote - to a room full of people who are ALL sending her to Jury, where she won't need any votes. The camera panned the faces of the silence to this remark - PRICELESS. I laughed out loud.
  8. Anyone catch this? Rewind to Jesse talking mess to Aaryn telling her her face is a permanent frown and Aa denying it. Forward to....A's latest HOH, she looks at a picture and frowning says "Why am I frowning like that?" When I watch her face in live feeds, she likes she is downright frustrated and miserable that she can't just spew whatever is running around in her little hateful head.
  9. lmao. . now that's a stereotype bout us blacks girls that just might come true....not condoning, jus sayin
  10. Couldnt agree more Zilla. Heken lost me when Candice CALMLY told her that she knew she was running the house and she became enraged and said that Candy threatened her. I understand that you have to lie in BB but in this instance the truth would have worked in firing up her alliance just as well. Lieing because u need to sure, lieing because you want to he spiteful and vicious (yes Amanda and Aaryn too) not OK.
  11. Aaryn us delysional and Helen is driving me bananas using her Mommy voice to counsel everyone, but Amanda's gotta go up. Sure she won't go....but the wakeup call will be fun to watch this week.
  12. I stand corrected. Still a Jani fan, but am happy to hear that Joe didn't actually lie on the one real friend he had in the house. Thanks for setting the record straight. I don't have a problem with him telling on Janelle if it was true and I had developed a soft spot for Frank. Especially after seeing his fam on the show. Still wonder what his notice was? But with the convos in the house, maybe it was just general chit chat, dunno.
  13. He was alright by me too. Didn't hate him or love him, thought he was funny, felt a little sorry for him at times. But his latest lie crossed the line. Telling Frank that Janelle told the live feeders on BBAD to start hate threads on Frank?!! WTF?! Was this to discourage viewers from voting for her as HG fav? Bad move Joe. If you even had a shot at the $25K, you just blew it. We Janelle fans are, if nothing else, unwaveringly loyal.

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