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  1. Im just wondering something.....In the very 1st episode Shelli told Audrey that her name used to be Audrey and that it was a long story and she would tell her later. Did she ever tell her??? Or did any of us fans ever figure out why she changed her name???
  2. This season had so much potential for being a good season. Sadly adding a professional gamer/celebrity who can afford to take risks with everyone elses life in the game has ruined it....I dont think there has ever been a season in my 16 previous where I feel Id be better off just not watching anymore!
  3. I agree these idiots including Shelli are just clearing a path for Vanessa. It has yet to dawn on them that the biggest reason they are all so quickly becoming targets is because VANESSA is making them one!! And after they all keep Shelli the twins will as well! I just don't get it. And dont get why they all do not see right through it! Especially Shelli!
  4. I completely agree with you! What makes me even more mad is the fact that everyone is so crazy about John. As if he is this amazing and genius player. Yet just the other night he was complaining to Steve about how he wished he could go home next week and "start making some money". I just have no respect for players like him. Jason who would give his right nut to stay in this game has to leave. While someone who is not even fully invested and wanting to be there stays. IMO he is far from a Dan which is how he is being compared. In all honesty I do not think any of his game is a carefully though out calculation or some brilliant game play. I truly think he is a clueless floater who is playing Shelli and Clays game for them. I mean who in their right minds throws comps constantly and continues to allow the strongest players in the house stay together and control the game?? He is a huge disappointment IMO. And I really would not care less if he and Becky both left asap. As far as Jason goes. I guess our last hope is some sort of BB twist or BB rewind since the twins are coming in. Wishful thinking I am sure. And IMO would be the only fair thing to do. I mean IMO how is it fair that any HG not even just because it is Jason should have to leave while Julia comes in. However when has BB ever been known as a fair game so..The odd thing that confuses me is the complete opposite of what BB promised with the BB take over twists every week has been nothing. I mean they didnt even announce that was over. yet there has not been a single mention of it in two weeks now. Does anyone else find that weird?? One last thing...Has anyone else noticed the BS letters the HOHs have been getting with (what I feel) are obvious hints??
  5. having been watching feeds much more than usual this year ( on bed rest preggers w twins) Ive noticed a lot more than usual. And dont bite my head of or anything, but Ive noticed something with Janelle and the "shout outs" she usually has a history of mentioning america voting etc right before she seems to send her shout outs out...lMO it seems calculated to her benefit to gain votes or something. Could be totally wrong but something tells me Im not. IMO she just seems to sneaky and not the nicest of people so wouldnt put it past her at all...
  6. Well considering the HGs (which is who I was referring to in my OP) dont know anything about Britney telling Willie this info (if you rem she was too worried about having the other coaches mad at her so she played it off as if WIllie was acting paroniod and insane and like she had no clue what he was talking about) then yeah it would be WILLIE being the one who was right and them regretting thinking he was crazy pulling stuff out of his behind...And to say there would always be other HGs evicted anyway etc, those players also had to fight for their spots each week via HOH and POV comps etc. They were not given a free ticket to just sit back and set themselves up for a bee line to the finish of the game. BC if you think about it by the time the coaches do come into the game its going to be at least week 4. Thats 4 weeks of never being have not, 4 weeks of building relationships, gaining info that they may not normally get as a PLAYER and not even having to break a sweat to be in there. Even last season with the golden key (gonna go ahead and bring this up now bc I know someone else will try to use this excuse lol) The players where in pairs, and were put on the block together and had to play the game and make deals/work to get votes etc. Not to mention everyone knew from day one they were all playing for the 500k at the end. I mean its not like they dont already have a huge advantage called experience not to mention two of them already being previous winners, now they have all the above mentioned on their sides as well. They may as well have just canceled the entire season and came back in sept to award one of them the 500k, with out all this extra drama and BS...
  7. As much as I would LOVE to have what WIllie said e true and watch the faces of these idiots...I am so over these has beens and do NOT think it is fair for them to have a free pass all this time and then get into the game. What I wouldnt mind seeing is this, If america votes yes (and we all know ag will make it seem that way) I think the coaches should get a choice to either keep playing for the 100k or "cash" in their chance to have america vote on ONE coach to return. This would be soooo gradifying because I believe Booger and JanHELL really think they still carry the fan base to get the votes. So when Dan wins AV (IF ag allows it) I would LOVE just to have a chance to see the look on their faces!!!
  8. ultimate mean girl in BB history...OBVIOUSLY your either not a feed watcher or dont know your facts, so since you want to get personal lets....Throw some facts at me about what proves Rachel to be a mean girl....pleasssseee throw it at me
  9. One thing is now 100% clear to me from this photo...This biznatch has definatlyyy had work done to her nose and lips!!! And who ever did it should NOT be practicing medicine!!!!!
  10. OMGG A Big Brother house guest was arrested?????? SHOCKER!!!!!.....That neeeever happened beefooooree......lol...With that being said screw Willie!! Can't defend him on this one (I still hold to what Ive said about his eviction)..But the dude has disrespected his fans terribly and there is no excuse for being such a jackass~!!!! Just thought I would add a little funny...Of someone else who clearly thinks they are above the law...lol http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/big-brother-contestant-was-wanted-woman
  11. LMAOO!! That is exactly what I say about her all the time!! LOL
  12. Well that is how she is playing the game right now...So technically we are discussing it...No one is making her make the choices she is. Nor do very many respect her tactics and game play which is why I think you are seeing the comments...Janelle did it to herself by opening up the door for for judgements with her own actions past and present. Not to mention she made the choice to join a game show that is notorious for judging HGs on a personal level etc...She just makes it so much easier because of her vile behavior and dirty game play... As far as her being judged as a mother..I was keeping my personal feelings about that to myself until SHE opened that door by bashing the heck out of Willies parenting etc...So she asked for that too IMO...
  13. Right and she cant call it game play because she knows JoJo is leaving tonight...The way I see it is older Janelle has become even more of an insecure person so has to bully up to reassure herself that shes "still got it"...I honestly think if she wanted ppl to continue liking her she should have stayed home this season...Sure seems to me as if she is loosing more and more fans by the day...And honestly the mean side of me cant wait till she realizes peoples opinions of her. Maybe she will become a bit more humble...Altho Im beginning to think there isnt much hope for her...



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