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  1. Listening to the HG talking after Julie said good night, Cowboy says "What if they say the remaining HG get $5k." and right after Frankie says "Resets what?" How would he even know anything about "resetting" anything? Why use the word "reset" unless it's been talked about in the DR already.
  2. I say after the racist comments they had to deal with, next season will be re-hashed all-stars again. Allison can get her pet Rachel and her sister in together, and she will bring back people she knows they have under control that won't say racist things.
  3. BBUS has never followed their own "rules". We can go back to the first week and McCrae broke the rules too and nothing was done. BB somehow has a rule, and I don't know why if they allow people to talk about nominations, but the HOH isn't supposed to tell a person that they are going to be put up. McCrae told Elissa he was going to put her up and he did. People have been told many time that they would be put up as pawns and nothing has ever been done about it. Pretty much the only rules BBUS has are the ones that hopefully help Grodner get the outcome she wants.
  4. Comparing him to Spicoli is an insult to Spicoli. David's surfer act is so fake. Just the way he says "dude" and "whoa" sound like he's forcing what he thinks is a good sounding surfer talk. The way he plays with his hair to try and draw attention to it is a lame act too.
  5. I know they won't show any of HG saying any of that on CBS, but it would be much better then the highly edited Grodner version of the show.
  6. I agree with the conservation. Maybe apply some of the BBUK rules. This season they have to shower outside, and in order to get hot water they have to have someone hand crank a pump while one person showers. To get the hair dryers and curlers to work someone has to peddle a bike. Both the shower and small electronics only work for an hour a day in the morning. Make these guys actually work for what they're getting.
  7. Can this douche make it more obvious that DR "confessions" are scripted? Horrible job reading off what production wanted him to say.
  8. The west coast delay isn't going to go over too well.
  9. If that is what they want removed they're nutts. It's pretty much the only thing the show has going for it, if and when they get anything to happen. Editing what we see will be a huge help to Alison since she can remove all the things people say on live TV about what the DR just said.
  10. On the article here it says: "BIG BROTHER: AFTER DARK will feature a curated live feed from inside the BIG BROTHER house for two hours, seven nights a week (12:00-2:00 AM, live ET/delayed PT) for 13 weeks beginning Wednesday, June 26." Does anyone know what "curated" means? Searching Google the word "curated" doesn't really have a definition that makes sense. Searching "curated content" is basically says the gathering and assembling of content. So could that mean BBAD could be footage BB puts together that they want us to see? Not sure on what that could be, but I could totally see Alison doing things this way so viewers see the show she want us to see.
  11. Agreed. Sounds like this has All-stars written all over it. Couple extra weeks to get rid of a couple extra rehashed guests. Do the unexpected Grodner and pick a cast of all new people.
  12. Once the show begins all the episodes will be available to download along with all the other countries that have BB. I'd post the link, but it's been removed before. I can send the details to those that are interested. Just PM me and I'll send the info along.
  13. It's only 2 million if the team that wins the first leg wins the whole thing.
  14. We knew all season her head was up her ass, but now we know exactly how far up there it is. Dani, you're the biggest Dumb F ever!
  15. Dear Grodner, (Blank) (Blank) (Blank) (Blank) (Blank) Signed, Your Creative Thoughts
  16. To be on BB you just need to hang out in L.A. nightclubs, or work at Hooters. The greater portion of the HG have been found this way. Applying for the show is just a formality that they do to claim it's done that way.
  17. Search Google for "Scene Release" and plenty of sites come up that have links to download episodes.
  18. Another Pan-bore-a's box + Jessie = Grodner proving she has not one creative idea.
  19. I agree that no one could memorized a 24/7 script, but that's what the DR is for. We don't even get to see the real workings of the DR and we know things are being said in there to let certain people know what is going on. I watch BB from here in the US and I watch the UK and AU ones too. The US version has by far the most corrupt DR's of any version. I've said it many times, the HG know the DR people on a personal level which isn't right, and they always get called in to redo interviews until production has it the way they want. There's no reason they can't get the HG thoughts and opinions on comps in one take. The most corrupt thing is we never get to hear BB asking questions in the DR. Every other version of BB makes the HG address the person in the DR as BB. Not Dave or Shelly or any other name they know on a personal level. I bet if we got to hear how many times it takes for BB to get the HG to say things just the right way, it would be a shock. I'd love to know how many times they ask for them to do it again, or can you say this in a certain way. The DR's will never be legit until we get to hear BB ask the question and then hear the HG reply all without an edit in between. You can't tell me the show it that hard to run. The UK does way more live shows, and they do daily recorded shows from the previous day's events. The US BB is so scripted and worried about how things will run on live TV, they do practice runs on Thursdays when they lock the HG in the HOH room. The UK live shows don't need dry runs to make sure things will go off a certain way for the live show. If they can do all the daily shows for 70+ days, it can be done here.
  20. Pan-bore-a's box. So overdone. Grodner has zero creativity in that sh*t filled head of hers. Nothing changes year to year. All the comps are basically the same sets from the year before, just repainted a bit. Be original for once!
  21. No Have Nots again since production is too weak to set up a comp over night. Don't make the poor little HG work too hard now.
  22. This wouldn't surprise me at all if he was saved somehow. Speaking of Grodner manipulation, can someone explain when the veto comp had more then one HG choice in the bag? I could have swore, since they went to the bag draw method, they have always supposedly had one coin with each of the HG and ONE HG choice coin. Since when has there been more then one HG choice till tonight's episode?
  23. I really wish they would stop with all the live shows. This Sonia Kruger chick is hard to watch. She doesn't seem to know what the hell to do. I hope the votes aren't live shows each week. I do like that fact that the HG get to change the points given to people in the noms.
  24. A penalty vote is a weak way for BB to punish people. It was weak when they did it to Jen that one season for eating when she was on slop. He should simply be kicked out for cheating. None of this penalty vote crap. Make BB show they have rules and enforce them. But, they won't do anything. This show just keeps turning into more and more of a joke. Boogie technically has been cheating more then just with what he did in the veto. Offering Ashley a job at one of his restaurants for her vote or offering to help Joe get a cooking show are both examples of trying to bribe with outside money. There are rules against HG agreeing to split the prize money. Notice Boogie doesn't offer up any of the money he has won in the game. Those prizes I think they can exchange if they want, just not split any of the end prize money. He only offers up outside world money.

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