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  1. Did you all see the picture of him posted on the update page? Wowza.

    But I'm curious... is the picture supposed to appeal to women or men? Or both?

    As of right now I don't really have a strong opinion of him one way or another. He seems like a decent kid. I have a feeling he will go far.

  2. He is very overbearing and intense in his approach to people.

    That's why I think Devin is way more dangerous than Caleb. At least Caleb is a teddy bear *cough*stalker*cough* under his beast mode at comps. Devin is just too intense. I don't know why anyone would keep him in the house, because if you get caught in his cross hairs you are toast!

    Also, that whole "let's keep him because he's such a big target, it will keep the target off of us" drives me crazy. Anyone remember Evil Dick from Season 8??? HE WON!!

    Devin needs to go PERIOD!

  3. I don't think Devin was really interested in Brittney. When he realized his game was going straight down the crapper he did a full reverse and claimed he was so attracted to her. Because she's a mom, you know. And he has a daughter, in case you never heard about that. :giggle:

    Actually, I was referring to Cody crushing on Brittney. From what I understand, he has flirted with her quite a few times. And on the show, we saw him say he wanted to give her Mouth-to-Mouth.

    I just read something, probably on here, that he said he wanted to take her and her kids out to lunch. But she just blows him off, probably because he's like 10 years younger than her.

    And yes, I have heard that Devin has a daughter. LOL

  4. Have to wonder if they are going to realize that this may be their one opportunity to get Caleb out. He has a much better chance of winning comps than Devin. Devin is too big for an endurance comp and he doesn't seem to be very smart. Those who are worried that the BS is still working together better really think about the vote and not just run with the herd mentality.

    Even though I do agree that Caleb is also a threat because he is usually a beast at the comps, I truly believe leaving Devin in the house is way too risky for everyone's game.

    The guy is just too much of a loose cannon and unpredictable. I mean, you say one thing to the guy that he does not like and you become his target. I mean, look how much he flipped flopped during his HOH week. He is just way too dangerous... to eveyone! I think it's too much of a risk to keep him. He is definitely the greater of the two evils, IMO.

    In other news... you know what I find amusing about this season? In sooo many seasons in the past, if not all of them, there have been so many love sick girls in the house pining over one guy or another who does not share their feelings. (Example: GM and Nick last season). Well, this season we have 3 guys who are mooning over the ladies and the girls are the ones keeping them at arm's length. And I'm so proud of them!!! I always want to go into my TV and slap the girls that care more about some guy they just met then winning BB!!!

    Now, if I had to guess what girl might finally break down and actually participate in a Shomance, it would be Nicole with Hayden. He cracks me up in how he keeps trying to get her to make out.

  5. I'm not sad about GM being the target. I'm actually happy about it because now that means McCrae has a chance to make it to the end. Which will be the only outcome I'll be happy with.

    I'm just confused why SHE is the target over McCrae this week.

    I would of thought for sure it was McCrae since she's part of the "Exterminator" alliance.

    When will the girls on BB ever learn????

  6. I always said you couldn't pay me $1,000,000 to do SURVIVOR. The lack of sleep, hunger and getting biten by about a thousand bugs would make me a raging b-tch and I would be voted out week 1.

    But, in my younger days I would of loved to do Big Brother.

    And I would NOT go there with the illusion of becoming some sort of semi-celebrity.

    I'm a little more planted in reality than that. I mean, don't these people know that out of the 180+ people that have been on this show no one, except maybe Dr. Will, has became anything than what they are... a past reality show contestant.

  7. Yeah, I don't see Amanda & McCrae lasting either. I always got the impression her feelings for him were much more "real" then his for her. I always got the feeling he was just "going with it" out of boredom and game play.

    There were so many things that I liked about Amanda at the start of the season but each week she just got so entitled and did the one thing that I can't stand on BB.. that, "it's okay if I do it because I'm trying to win but it's not okay if you do it, because you don't have a right to want to win."

    I'm not even sure people are aware that's what they are doing sometimes.

    Also, in the recaps of the live feed I think I saw where someone said Amanda could dish it out but she couldn't take it. And that was so true.

    When things were going her way she was all cocky and confident but the minute things didn't go her way she started to cry and talk about how "unfair" it was.

    I've always had a problem with people who do that.

    EVERYONE is there to try to win.

  8. Thanks, Roli.

    I also believe GM will feel remorse for what she said. I also believe Aaryn and Amanda will as well.

    The reason I don't trash talk these people is because I wonder if someone followed me around with a camera 24/7 for 90 days if there wouldn't be something that comes out of my mouth that isn't the nicest thing?

    There is a guy I work with that I do not like and I know I bad mouth him some times. Which might make me come off as a bitch.

    So, who am I to judge?

    Now, I do know that I have never made a racist comment in my life because I've never seen why the color of someone's skin matters. IMO, there are truly only two types of people in this world.. Good people and Assholes.

    Your racial background, your religious beliefs and your political affliations don't really mean a thing.

    If you are decent human being, you are a decent human being. And if you aren't, you aren't.

  9. It probably didn't help that Aaryn made fun of Asian women when she made fun of the Korean women who do her nails.

    Hello?? Don't you know your host is Asian???

    So maybe Julie did take what Aaryn said a little more to heart?

    Also, both of those young women are gonna get a total wake up call when they go home and find out how "hated" they are by America. What Julie did or did not say to them is gonna only be a drop in the bucket.

    Personally, I don't hate them. I see positive attributes in both of them. They just both need to be a bit more educated and enlightened on how to treat people.

    IMO, hating on Aaryn and Amanda is no better than the hatred they spewed.

    I'm not saying I approve of what they said, I'm just not going to participate in the same behavior that we chastise them for.

  10. I have a serious question to ask...

    How is calling GM so many nasty names any better than what she does?

    I'm not trying to be a smartass here... I'm asking a serious question.

    I also don't like what GM, Amanda and Aaryn said in the house but how does calling her Staten Island Trash make us any better than her?

    How is that any different than what she called Elissa this week when she got mad?

    You are all mad at GM so you are calling her nasty names and cutting her down.

    How does that make sense?

    Once again, I'm not trying to make trouble. I'm just trying to make people see the double standard of it all.

  11. Because he didn't know. Him and Amanda thought Andy was still working with them. So he thought Elissa was the one who flipped.

    My thing is, IMO, Elissa is not that good of a liar, so I'm surprised McCrae didn't pick up on that.

    To me it was obvious that she was visably upset that Amanda was evicted.

    Oh well... he will quickly figure it out.

    I'm sure Amanda is not going to be happy to see Elissa walk into the BB Jury House behind her.

    Seriously, who thought Judd, Spencer, Andy and GM would be the final four this season?????

  12. Do you guys know who won HOH? I do.

    It's not a spoiler to say it's NOT McCrae since he was the HOH for the DE

    Unless he wins POV this week, which is not that big of stretch, he'll probably be evicted.

    I seriously can't not believe that means Judd, Andy, Gina Marie and Spencer will be the Final Four

    How the f--- did that happen????

    The "Power" of the house was so intent in getting each other out that they did such a good job and left the 4 ultimate floaters in the game!

    On a personal level I like Judd but does he really deserve to win?

    I would of liked Gina Marie if she didn't say so many vile comments.

    I will be physically ill if Andy or Spencer win this game.

    So, I'm 100% rooting for McCrae at this point!

    You know Amanda is gonna be like "Oh crap" when she sees Elissa walk into the jury house right behind her. Because she now knows that Andy is the one who flipped and Elissa was McCrae's only chance. But McCrae didn't have that info and I'm sure he thought she flipped on Amanda.

    I'll be more interested to see the Jury house than the BB house from this point on!

  13. Is it possible to win BB with an honorable strategy? I think so!

    See that's my point exactly. In your "How To Play Big Brother Rule Book", you think someone should play with honor and integrity.

    In my "Rule Book", I say use any means necessary to get to the end and win the money.

    We are not talking about $20 bucks here, but $500,000.

    IMO, any person who doesn't do what is necessary to win (within reason, of course, I wouldn't kill anyone), shouldn't complain when they end up on the jury and not in the final two.

    Have you ever played poker? Well, I play poker with MY FRIENDS, we all put money into a pot and at the end of night someone takes the pot. And they take the pot sometimes by being a better bluffer than the other players. No one is upset that their money was taken away from them by someone who bluffed instead of having the better hand.

    I see Big Brother as a combination of a job and a bigger, more complex, poker game.

  14. I respect her for the physical way she keeps herself, how she Mothers them, comforts them, it's all game play and I don't understand the HATE she inspires...

    I will get crucified for saying this but it's true... it's cuz she's a woman.

    Dr. Will played sort of similiar game and he is a God to BB fans.

    You can disagree with me all you want but woman are held up to a different standard by both MEN and WOMEN.

    I like to think I'm a little more enlightened than the rest of the world and I think Helen is doing a great job. She's not letting emotion rule her decisions and doing what she has to do to get to the end and win. I mean, isn't that the goal of Big Brother? To win?

    Helen probably can't stand all of the hateful things that Aaryn has said but this is the Big Brother house and not real life. Hate her and ignore her outside the house. But use her inside the Big Brother house. Because when it's all said and done, after you leave the BB house, you never have to see those people again. And wouldn't you want to leave and be the one with the $500,000 in your pocket?

    Also, I truly believe you can be two people in the house... the person who is in "game" mode and the person who is in "just hanging with a bunch of friends" mode. Sometimes that line gets muddled.

    I compare Big Brother to a job. You go to work for 8 hours and day. Sometimes you work with people you don't really care for but you both have a job to do so you have to be civil and work together to get the job done. Outside of work, if you met someone who rubbed you the wrong way you could tell them off because what do you care, they don't matter.

    In the BB house, all of those people are co-workers. You have to work with people you don't like, bite your tongue, and just get through the 90 days.

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