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  1. YES!!!! Watching it now. 20 years looking for this damn episode. 6 years on this forum. You sir are AWESOME! Check your PMs. Now, if someone could find a watchable copy of the Movie (not the show) Salvage-1, with Andy Griffith. There is an unwatchable copy on YouTube. I've never been able to find a copy worth watching. I can't make any of the video out, and I can't understand what they are saying in the copies on YouTube. Thanks, Josh
  2. There was a TV show I think called Salvage 1. However, it stemmed from what was either a TV Movie called Salvage, or a pilot episode that was just called salvage. In the episode he is trying to convince a friend that his spaceship could break away from Earth, and used his corvette on a racetrack for an example. I am pretty sure I have all the details down, but what I can't do it find that movie/episode/pilot. I managed to find an unwatchable version on YouTube. My question is does anyone have a copy that is better than this?
  3. Bump?! Hehe. Four and a half years later, and I still can't figure out what the heck this show or movie was. Been searching high and low.
  4. Hi, I just made a new account. I used this forum (amongst others) to try to find an old kids show that I could barely remember about a year ago. I had been searching so long people were starting to think I had dreamt it and it wasn't real. It was a show I watched as a kid that took place in a hotel lobby. There was one real guy who played the front desk guy at the hotel and all the rest were puppets, except for one that was a blob of clay. If anyone else is looking for that it's called Gigglesnort Hotel. But, I digress, the reason I made the account was to get some help finding an old show that is haunting me. I think it was an episode of the Twilight Zone, or Outer Limits. All I remember about the show was that there was some guy who collected junk (that's what everyone else thought it was) and combined it all in a storage cage in the basement of a building. Everyone thought he was crazy because he claimed he was collecting it to keep the balance of the world. Anyway authorities come to take him away, and when they do, they knock some paperclips or something off his creation and as he's being pulled out he yells something like, "there goes Guam." The next day one of the people that was in the basement, notices a news report saying that Guam (or where it was supposed to happen) got hit by a Tsunami that wiped it out. That's pretty much all I remember. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks, Josh
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