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  1. That's right McCrae! Elissa sure had you fooled! She didn't want her stupid wedding ring anyways and this was her way of tricking Amanda into taking it! Good thing you saw through her scheme and got rid of her!
  2. Not that delusional, as McCrae does seem to have some feelings for her whereas GM has completely fabricated Nick having feelings for her. I don't think his feelings are nearly strong enough for him to move across the country though and give up that lucrative pizza delivery job. I bet he visits Florida to ride that bull one more time and they never see each other again after that.
  3. Better than to keep on lying to her. His vote was going to get exposed one way or another so he might as well come clean ASAP so she finds out from him instead of from Elissa. Andy is playing the best game of those that are left... hands down. That's not saying much considering who's left though.
  4. Ugh! Whoever Marilyn is I feel bad for her because no self-respecting woman is going to sit there and listen to Spencer talk about all of the disgusting sexual acts he would perform on all the women in the house if he could, including some things that sound like borderline rape, and be there to welcome him home. He really makes my skin crawl!
  5. Since Andy actually managed to convince McCrae that Elissa gave Amanda her wedding ring then voted her out and convince Elissa that McCrae voted his own girlfriend out than I think he deserves to win the game over any of these other morons.
  6. It seems they usually come back up for a while an hour or two before the show, but this doesn't always happen.
  7. Hehe probably true! By the time we reach the finale, she will probably be prepared to give an inspirational speech on the history of slavery, the WW2 internment camps and the Civil Rights Movement.
  8. Was anyone else a bit disturbed that Amanda tried to take Elissa's head off with the storage room door after being told she was listening? She really could have cause a serious head injury if Elissa was still standing there...
  9. Yeah what an awful bunch we have left at the end of this season. When I find myself with no choice but to root for an imbecile like Judd just because he's been slightly less unlikeable than the others left it's just sad. No matter who wins this season, the show loses.
  10. No one has more stamina for talking smack than GM does. She could have gone on until morning. Amanda met her match and looked so drained after 30 minutes of that. Still, that was a fight that had no victors.
  11. But very few people make it to 500K let alone a million in Millionaire. Someone is guaranteed the 500K in BB. That said, no it's not worth it.
  12. Wednesday, September 4 / 9:20 pm / Camera 3 & 4- GM and Amanda get into a long drawn out fight filled with low blows.
  13. I would love to see that program! How is it that someone that really got screwed by production like Chima or Shelly haven't written a tell all book by now? Is it in their contract that they can't talk about it for the REST OF THEIR LIVES or something?
  14. Lucky for McCrae, Amanda already has his whole life in Florida planned out for him. Unfortunately, it may be a short life as I could see her pulling a Jodi Arias when he ditches her.
  15. She can pretty herself up just fine when she's motivated but her problem is she talks like a witless Joe Pesci.
  16. That would be pointless. Amanda is going to strip whether she wins or loses.
  17. The stuff Aaryn was saying was pretty tame compared the offensive filth GM, Spencer and Amanda still continue to spew. Yet why do I get the feeling Julie won't be nearly as harsh with them? CBS is using Aaryn as the scapegoat for all the bigotry that has gone on this season just because her youth and beauty make her a more compelling target. I don't know that placing all the blame on her is any better than not bringing it up at all.
  18. Monday, August 19 / 12:18 am / Camera 1 & 2- Aaryn tells Helen she is considering putting up Amanda as the replacement nom and they ask Andy to back them up in voting Amanda out. Amanda soon stomps into the room to squash the scheming.
  19. Helen has a big mouth and entertains way too many different plans and then backs out after already spreading the word of what targets she is considering. She also is constantly telling the whole house that she has to go after everyone eventually and picked a really crappy partner more interested in moral righteousness than playing the game. Her tears aren't going to save her this time, only a POV can.
  20. One more HOH and she will be the all-time HOH leader! And we are only halfway or so through the game! Crazy! She could really crush the record if she stays to the end. However, her comp record isn't as impressive as it seems when you consider that two of the comps were pretty much crap shoots, one she won because she was teamed with the most athletic guy in the house and the one tonight all but 4 people were already eliminated by the time she had to start playing.

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