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  1. We are in the minority here but that's what I was thinking. Every season everyone on the board shouts ALL NEW CAST, ALL NEW CAST, but let's take a look at the last 4 seasons, two of which were all new and two of which had some returning players. BB12 was all new and is widely considered one of the most boring seasons. BB13 had some returning players and it was good. BB14 had some returning players and it was very good. BB15 was all new again and it SUCKED. Are you seeing a pattern here that maybe explains why CBS loves to go with the safe option of bringing people back?
  2. But didn't you LOVE to HATE them? I think their seasons would have been way more boring without them. Shelly's web of lies kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see when it would all unravel. Frank was the target of the whole house for several weeks and he just kept pulling out those comp wins. It was fun to watch how long he could last. They were also both always working the social game which spiced up the feeds.
  3. I don't get why people loved Will Heuser. He did nothing to further himself in the game. He didn't give a crap about it and eventually just wanted to go home. If you like his humor fine, watch his YouTube videos. But I want people in the game that play their ass off. Even if I hate them as a person. I put people like Frank and Shelly in that category. For example, I HATE HATE HATED Danielle Donato but she was good for the seasons she was on.
  4. I actually thought the coaches twist could have been kind of cool IF they hadn't made a complete mockery out of it by letting Dan force all the coaches to join the game because he was on his last leg. That was probably the most absurd twist I have ever seen on Big Brother in terms of unfairness! If they had just kept the coaches in the background, having their own little strategic side game with each other and offering the newbies advice, it could have been an interesting way to add some extra layers of complexity to the game. Instead, they threw it all out the window to once again try to make returning players the stars of the show. I don't think the coach twist is a bad idea in itself, at least to try out once, but when you basically just throw the twist away a quarter into the season without letting us see it play out, what the hell is the point of having twists at all?
  5. Considering CBS's track record with BB/Survivor, I'm guessing they will bring at least one person back since these shows rarely go 2 seasons without returning players these days. Ideally, I'd like to see one season with returnees for every two fresh seasons but oh well. That said: Rumor 1- I actually wouldn't mind seeing this. It would be very similar to Season 13 which I did enjoy as it's kind of fun being able to listen in on people who you know are telling the truth to each other to help get a sense of what is going on strategically and to watch them try to keep each other safe. Also, Survivor did that last season and it was actually pretty good. I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Frank and Sid on the show. I was a big wrestling fan as a kid back in the 80/90s and Sid Vicious was quite the icon of evil back then so the pure nerd in me would really like to see him although he doesn't seem like the type that would do a show like this in a million years. The rumor says Aaryn would be coming back? That practically invalidates it for me. After all the criticism CBS got for casting her in the first place, who in their right mind would think they'd bring her back? Rumor 2- Almost not worth discussing because there just aren't enough winners that would be available and willing to do it. It would be awesome sure but not gonna happen. Maybe in a few more seasons when there are actually enough willing winners but even Survivor that has 25+ winners hasn't made this happen. Rumor 3- One season not dominated by returning players does not merit an all-star season already. There are very few standout rookie players from the last few seasons that I'd want to see back. They need players that stir up the drama and there haven't been that many. Frank, Shelly, Andy, Amanda and Dominic are the only ones I can think of at the moment. Maybe in a couple seasons.
  6. No, I think if GM wins Part 3 and takes Spencer (as she clearly should), he could win it because he might get to 5 votes, especially with a bitter jury. Here's what votes I see him getting: Aaryn- No Amanda- Yes (GM got rid of her and called her all kinds of nasty stuff) Andy- Yes (GM betrayed him) Candice- Yes (bitter rivals with GM) Elissa- No Helen- No Jessie- Maybe (who the heck knows what she's gonna do?) Judd- Yes (better friends with Spencer) McCrae- Yes (will probably vote with Amanda) I see 5, possibly 6 votes there for him... SCARY!!!
  7. God help us all of Spencer wins this game! At least GM gave us some entertaining moments and at least Andy worked hard. I think Spencer would be the first winner with no redeeming qualities.
  8. Thanks so much you guys! Your updates have become an essential part of the BB experience for so many people! I don't know what I would do without my daily summer ritual of reading all the updates at the beginning and end of each day.
  9. Thinking back, I realize that almost all of my favorite moments involved Amanda in some shape or form. That woman brought the drama and I don't remember anything else very interesting happening after she left.
  10. In defense of Angie, I think she was referring to the statement "You want to give money to someone just because they're (very slightly) famous? Wow. Okay, it's your money to blow. Go for it." as lacking class, not the one you quoted. Only she can confirm that though. I think it was more lacking sensitivity than class. I agree with you that Britney appears to have more resources at her disposal than many mothers facing this kind of situation and the money might be better served going to St. Jude.
  11. So awful to see that multiple people here have lost a child. I'm so sorry for your losses! I'm sure there is a hole in your heart that can never be filled after that.
  12. Wow! Another job bites the dust! The evil side of me really wants them to tack an extra hour special onto the finale to reveal to all these people that they don't have a job to go back to and get their live reactions. It would probably be way more interesting than anything that happened during the season.
  13. If anyone missed it, there was some heartbreaking news about Britney Haynes over the weekend: https://twitter.com/britney_haynes/status/379076234199588864/photo/1 This news was about 10x more crushing to me since I just had a little girl myself. Can’t imagine what it is like to go through that! I’m not the praying type but best wishes to Britney during this time…
  14. Thursday, September 12 / 12:57 pm / All Cameras- Andy, Spencer and GM reveal the Exterminators alliance to McCrae and that he will be the next eviction.
  15. 1. Helen- Was annoying with the cheers and tears but played hard and *gasp* refrained from spewing horribly offensive remarks about her fellow HGs, which practically everyone else did. 2. Judd will be moving around so much from his anxiety you'll wonder if all the ants have somehow gotten into his skin 3. Of course I don't want any of them to win anything but *sigh* if I have to choose I guess McCrae (HOH) and Andy (veto)-- I don't like Andy as a person but he deserves the win
  16. I enjoyed the commentary too and think it was spot on! I've never understood the nasty mob mentality that comes out against certain HGs and it was the worst I've ever seen it by far this year. What do they have to gain by endlessly trashing an individual that isn't there to defend herself? It's a little more understandable if it's someone in the house on the block that they are trying to make sure gets evicted but Elissa isn't a factor in the game anymore so there's no reason for it. I didn't care for Elissa from the get go but she's out of sight and should be out of mind yet this bunch of classless a-holes will not let go of this competition of who can trash her and her family the most and it's nauseating. I'm such a BB fan and it's such a ritual for me that I will continue to watch the rest of the season and would probably keep watching no matter who they cast but I do hope they spend more time getting to know the people they are casting next season to try to avoid individuals with these nasty tendencies. That doesn't mean I want nothing but boy scouts and Jordans cast but a balance would be nice.
  17. The part where Elissa was the only one trying to keep Amanda while Andy stabbed her in the back. If they have switched the target to GM then I completely missed it. Are you saying that Spencer and Andy are breaking off from the Exterminators to take out GM then Judd?
  18. I have to disagree and say that Elissa was the worst person for him to get rid of. She was the only one that voted with him and the men's alliance is fake. Of course they wanted him to get rid of Elissa so that he was the only target left. Now, he's done their dirty work and is all alone against the house.
  19. If most people thought Dan deserved to win last season than why is Andy any different? They both played very hard and backstabbed their way to the end.
  20. What was the point of getting Elissa out? Keeping her could have saved him another week.
  21. I'm pretty sure McCrae is still the target before GM. Spencer is putting those two up because he wants to keep up the appearance of a boy's alliance. McCrae has to win veto to stay. They all know he has an F2 deal with everyone but Spencer and have compared notes.
  22. 1) Andy 2) Judd 3) McCrae 4) GM 1,180) Spencer

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